Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • Oh, a storage thing

  • yeah like a little storage box in a shelf type thing

  • Looks great. What wood is that?

  • Thanks, it's from part of this piece of mahogany

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  • Made a map and a frame for it

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  • And a tool roll. Upcycled leather.

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  • I have three of these for sale if anyone is interested.

  • Finished off the tool rolls, tidied the ends and added on some eyeslets. One each in Silver, Bronze and Gunmetal.

    Xmas is coming..... I was thinking of £15 inc postage.

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  • Just out of curiosity, are you laser cutting holes for the thread? I used to do a bit with a GCSE Textiles group, and laser cut holes at uniform spacing made for quick and accurate leatherwork that a pupil could do by hand with an ordinary needle (and Corel Draw and a CNC laser)

  • yes, use Fusion360 or similar to create the pattern and then transfer to Lightburn to do the actual cutting.

  • Hey, I made a belt.
    Not a stiff one (bullhide) but hopefully good.

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  • Also a glove box. Cubby hole is more common usage around here.

  • Nice. Did the leather come pre cut to shape?

  • Thanks, I got a few blanks at 1.5" wide.
    The most work was burnishing the edges, I'm going to make something I can chuck in a drill.

  • London based craftspeople, where do you get your wood like cherry or other hardwood for little and bigger projects? Would like to go to a bricks and mortar store so I don't have to wait and pay for postage

  • Moss & Co in Hammersmith.
    Go in person.
    Pick your timber.
    EDIT - looks like they may've moved to Greenford.

  • They're good. A bit pricey but good.

  • We always used them for any exotica needed when I was working for The Science Museum. They were located pretty conveniently.

  • Nice, what did you do at the science museum?

  • Designed/built copies of their most popular inter-active exhibits, and sold them / installed them to/in other museums all around the world.

  • Blimey that sounds like a fun job.

  • I got a price from Moss & Co. 10 years ago for enough oak to make a 3m x 3m cupboard. £3.5k for the prepared wood, reassuringly expensive. Ended up being painted mdf.

  • Ouch! How did that story end?

  • Made a lovely cupboard, painted every square inch in F&B oil based paint as was the way at the time, must have been longer than 10 years ago now I think of it.

    I then moved the cupboard twice, (it's freestanding and knockdown) for the original client and when they moved again and no longer had space for it I arranged a sale and moved it again to the new owners who have painted it once and love it. So a good story really.

    The first client was always asking me to price things in exotic materials. At one point I got a quote for 100 year old oak floorboards, they were circa £120 psqm at the time, again they didn't go ahead with it.

  • Hanson's just down the road from moss (where they are now at least) is cheaper by far when it comes to oak etc. They will machine it for you too and can order in some exotic woods but still don't have the same range of timber pron.

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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