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  • you lot - always talking the walk but can you walk the talk?

  • wheres teenslain?


  • [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKttENbso­yk"]YouTube

    - Aerosmith - Walk This Way[/ame]

  • Walking feels weird.

    Not if you go downstairs.

  • I'd like to explore 'oop north' on foot.

    you typing one handed?

  • I'm always typing one handed.. my other monitor's for porn.

  • I'd like to explore 'oop north' on foot.

    What, Finchley?

  • Lake District and Scottish highlands. Do some camping and walking. I'd bike but can't be arsed with the hassle.

  • Hadrian's Wall walk is a good LDT (Long Distance Trail). Start at the Bowness on Solway and finish in Newcastle. The walking route is not the same route as the cycling one and there are better views.

  • Ah yeah, that's on my list actually.
    Friends of mine did it and I've got some of their old info sheets somewhere.
    I don't really do 'weekend breaks' though so all this stuff has been left as a 'to do'.
    Need to fix that.

  • Shouldn't this thread be merged with the car thread.

    What next? Tube threads, bus threads?

  • There already are tube and bus threads.

  • I walked like 3 miles today, it's so boring.

  • There already are tube and bus threads.

    Merge all non cycling transport threads.

  • I just got back from North Wales, went up my favourite mountain; Tryfan, humblingly gorgeous...
    Want to see a pic kids?

  • any bikes involved?

  • Walking thread Henners...

  • And here's an action shot.

  • And with sarnie...

  • I love walking, especially in the evening during the fall. Yesterday i walked with my girl from Brooklyn Higths to her place in the West Village in manhattan.

  • what's in the sandwich?
    peanut butter?

  • The countryside? I'll pass thank you.

    The City is my Jungle, and that is where I find my home...

    And where we take our stand...

    Down in Jungleland...


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