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  • I've thought about one around half that size for my Montague Boston.

  • I am very happy with my Mash SF x JANDD travel bag. It’s quite compact, padded and decent to wear on your back. Took my gravel bike in it halfway around the world.

  • So I once made a bike travel bag myself and whilst I wouldn’t like to repeat the effort again (and don’t currently have the tools anyway) it really wasn’t that difficult. I borrowed heavily from the Orucase shape and bought a hiking rucksack from a charity shop which was hacked to pieces. I re-used the whole back of it to give the bag backpack capabilities and then the zips for closure. Inside it has Foam blocks sewn inside fabric that surround the bag width wise that are Velcro detachable and then in it has sleeves on each large side which hold high density foam panels. Like the Orcucase the bike has to be Largely disassembled to pack into it but I can also fit my shoes and helmet as well. So far it’s lasted through +10 journeys really well with one minor repair. Most of the fabric I used was just 500d cordura. The hardest part of making it on a regular kitchen table was having a second pair of hands to help rotate it as I sewed the corners.

  • Looking for a klickfix handlebar bag... what are my options without breaking the bank?

  • Does anyone know where i can buy different length mounting stays for front racks/baskets? Preferably in the UK.

    I have a rasket that is too tall for the bike so i'd like to swap out the panier brackets for simple stays that will fix to some fork eyelits. Like wise i have a porteur rack that needs longer stays for a new fork.

    Something like this but in the right length for me­i-as09n-spare-rods-carrier-mount-to-hub-­axle-10mm-black/135367/

  • I just got a new Surly front rack from Bike24, where it looked like the second pic on their site, note the lower sliding brackets.
    When I got it this morning, the actual plates looked like in the first picture. Does anyone know if they are different versions or what's going on? I like the second bracket better because it has mounting point for the fenders, but I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of returning it.

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  • There are three styles of plate to cater for different types of fork and available mounting points:­g_plate

    I think they have changed the plate design a little between v1 and v2 of their front rack too. Some of the older instructions show a different style.

  • Ah so the wider plate with the cutouts are actually the previous version. That explains it. Thank you.

  • I've got a carradice Keswick that I no longer use that I could sell for cheap.­ags/originals-keswick-handlebar-bag-5l/

  • I'm building this Dawes galaxy that I failed to sell on here.­60/#comment16362248

    It has the OG rack on it which seems a shame to throw out. I'm building the bike as a fixed tourer/ Day tripper.
    What sort of bag could I put on the rack? It's not the most heavy duty thing. I was thinking a small roll top bag on the top of the rack might be quite cool to carry a jacket and some food?

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  • Ortlieb just released their Vario PS, a Pannier and backpack in one.

    In theory this could be ideal for my use case. A waterproof backpack that can be used as a pannier as well.
    Or is it just a questionable compromise that don't really shine in either configuration? It seems rather large in size used as pannier..­ackpacks/hybrid-backpacks­3/06/review-ortlieb-vario-ps/

  • He doesn’t look very happy with it.....

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  • May be a little late, but what about something like this?­tail-bag.html

  • Not sure how well that works long term, my panniers are absolutely filthy on the side facing the wheel.

  • Yeah I actually like this idea a lot, makes sense in many ways and super simple.

  • Nicely detailed by the looks of it.

    Wife has been operating a work backpack inside an ortlieb classic situation for a while now. Keeps work bag clean and dry and separates commute stuff (clothes - waterproofs etc) from work stuff - laptops / papers etc. Also can wear backpack and fill pannier at shops on way home if needs be.

  • I like the idea too, looks great for allotment, veg shopping etc, but£80 for a plastic box with a couple of clips seems mental.

    Gives me an idea though, cheap 2nd hand pannier off eBay, then remove the mounts, drill holes and mount onto an old shredder bin.

  • Coroplast all the things!

  • best way to arrive somewhere with a clean backpack

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  • That would make a great addition to a womble bike. And save me filling my basket with rubbish.

  • Hi, anyone any experience with Nitto M18 racks?
    Or similar Randonneur racks?
    I just got a Nitto M18 but really struggling to find appropriate/safest bag/luggage to fit - 5kg rating.

    I've come across Roswheel trunk bag (8L), and a trunk bag from Mirider (10L)
    both i think too big for the rack, and could potentially go over weight.

    I've also seen Carradice barleys and Giles Berhouds on this type of rack - they're ok but respectively not easy to carry around, expensive... etc

    If i can, i would prefer to avoid using a Wald basket, but might take up that option later for other kinds of cycling.

    Want something ideally to take off and on regularly, commuter style, but that can actually fit anything from groceries to equipment, and potentially bike packing one-night stay stuff. So wondering if just a lashed dry-bag is my best option.
    I've a 2000's addax road bike, drop bars, normal caliper brakes .. not all that audaxy.

    Also, i would be really interested to hear if anyone has any info on front racks safety precautions or things to avoid, other than the obvious. Recently been reading about front racks that use the fork brake centre hole and front fork dropout brazes or p-clipped to fork legs (3 point) being at risk of failing, mainly at the tang to brake, locking front wheel.
    To prevent this I'm getting a 'manny' strap that connects the tombstone of the Nitto with the handlebars. I haven't had to modify/bend my Nitto M18 tang other tan use a spacer to avoid the headset.

    Related is i wonder if anyone has heard of/had experience of foreign object getting in way of the Nitto M18/Randonneur long stays (from dropout to rack) and wheel, causing an accident. I only ask because this happened to me recently with SKS Bluemels. An accident i definitely don't want to repeat (i did have the SKS safety stay things - wheel still locked up ):

    really appreciate any thoughts.

  • I just got a Nitto M18 but really struggling to find appropriate/safest bag/luggage to fit - 5kg rating.

    I used mine with a wald 132 and i found it too wobbly, so I gave up and went to the simworks obento rack which has twice as many stays.

    Also, i would be really interested to hear if anyone has any info on front racks safety precautions or things to avoid, other than the obvious.

    I had a bad enough accident with my surly front rack that I had to have facial reconstructive surgey. Any strap through the bag support at the back to the HT or your bars will help. also, locktite all your bolts and use nylock nuts.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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