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  • Thanks for tips . This looks like a good deal as a starter . Think that frame bag should fit a tent ??­podsacs-pack-it-bundle
    Most the weight can go in the panniers on the other bike ..

  • You'll only be be able to fit a tent in a frame bag if you have very wide hips. The max width I can handle between my legs is about 7cm before things start chafing (fnar).

  • Fnar indeed as my lightest tent is pretty big, so maybe tent mounted on the panniers. Thinking of heading up to Scotland somewhere, and cobbling together some bike packing kit to test it out. Be good to know that Planet X stuff was at least able to carry a bit of stuff , well half a two person camping setup with most of the weight in the panniers I would probably pedal.

  • I carried (just over) half a two person setup for 10 days in the following:

    1. 13l saddle bag
    2. Half frame bag from Alpkit (still had room for 2 big bottles)
    3. Handlebar roll ~10l
    4. Two fork leg bags ~5l each
    5. Top tube bag

    My partner had the other (just under) half in:

    1. 2 x Ortlieb Gravel panniers
    2. Half frame bag
    3. 10l bar bag
    4. Rapha bar bag

    That's including a 2kg tent, sleeping bags / mats, trangia and pretty minimal kit otherwise.

  • If you have more than a week or two I would really try and get some stuff from ebay rather than podsacs stuff. But if you gotta you gotta.

    That said I don't know if people can put a tent in a frame bag. Maybe the tent poles.

  • I think we will only manage a few days :) I have two front rollers and one rear ortlieb roller, so Wil probably get another rear roller .
    And that Planet X bundle , should give us a chance at getting enough stuff in.

  • It's a fair shout, cheers , but no dice I'm afraid :(

    Maybe it serves me right for buying something because I liked the colour...

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  • Does anyone own/have experience with any of the Racktime Shine rear racks? I'm super intrigued by the inbuilt dynamo powered light but struggling for anything showing where the cables exit. Or pictures of them in use generally...

  • in the mounting instructions pdf (below the picture in the link you posted) it shows dynamo cables exiting the vertical support by the seatstay/rack eyelet mount.

    looks like a very well engineered rack.

  • I should have clicked more buttons...

    Was hoping to route the cable piggybacking off a brake cable from a v brake, which would be a bit fiddly by the looks of things. Pioneering spirit will solve this.

    Let's ride bikes soon 😘

  • Anyone know what model ortlieb this is? Maybe feels a bit bigger than the standard back roller classic. It does say classic on it though.

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  • Looks like a bike packer or bike packer light.

  • Looking to source some of those "food delivery backpacks" for a local coop. Anyone know the best ones/best place to buy? Hopefully not something artisanal as would need to buy a couple.

  • I got one from that I really like but I'm not sure how brexit might affect that

  • that's just what they looked like 20 years ago

  • I'm moving to Vietnam in a few months and I'm looking for someone to make a custom big bag for transporting my S&S coupled bike (formally DBAD). Ideally I'd like something that is softsided with foam for protection and can be worn as a backpack. The S&S bag is pretty ugly and surprisingly expensive. I feel something better could be made to the dimensions of 26"x 26"x 10". The orucase ninja is a nice layout but would be better if it was more compact. Unfortunately they don't make their sub62 anymore.

    Are there any LFGSSer bag makers who'd be up for making on of these or does anyone know of any framebag makers who'd be up for the project?

  • Try @user71349 for custom bags, don't know if he's up for making something that large, but I've got some excellent basket and handlebar bags from him.

  • The S&S bag is pretty ugly and surprisingly expensive.

    Do you mean this one?

    Any bag maker who goes below that price on a one-off doesn’t value their time enough.

  • Yeah. That’s the one. It’s 250 quid on sjs.

    Not that I’m looking for a lower price. But would like a nicer bag for that price if it makes sense.

  • That's quite a lot of bag for the money considering they won't sell many.
    Needs a lot of materials that don't come cheap, and if you were to find someone to make you a one off the whole pattern making and figuring stuff out would take time, so @tijmen is right.

  • Alternative I'm looking at is Brompton marketed ones and tyring to figure if I can get a 700c wheel in one of those.

  • Anyone ever done similar with a folder? Thoughts/considerations? This idea has been rattling round my head for a while. Don’t see why it shouldn’t work well. I’m thinking of commissioning this with stow-away backpack straps on the non drive side for off bike transport.

    Combined with a saddlebag, I could pack the bike and tools/etc. in it’s little case, everything else in the bags and be off to anywhere really easily.

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  • I guess it would need some kind of structure or reinforcement across the top to stop it flopping about. I'm not sure if that bike has a weight limit, but with luggage in a frame bag, front rack and a saddlebag I wouldn't be too optimistic about the lifetime of the hinges etc.

  • Indeed. I guess the same. I think a semi-rigid internal support across the top should be enough.

    This bike is the “Pocket Llama” from Bike Friday. Actually made as a folding touring bike for racks/panniers/lots of miles. Here is a photo of Heinz Stucke with one he put more miles on than I ever will.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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