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  • Decathlon panniers look fine. But Indeed why not get ortlieb.

  • Can anyone vouch for a pannier solution for a 15 inch laptop?

    Would rather it was a general pannier that could take a laptop than a dedicated "laptop bag with pannier hooks"

  • Ortlieb Downtown 2?

  • I actually have a good ortleib one I can sell but pls pls PLS dont ask me to post :((((

  • Which one / how much / where u live.

  • I actually more just meant like a normal pannier, like a regular ortlieb roller, but I wanted to know if anyone had actually used one for the purpose so could vouch for a specific model/size

  • Ortleib Downtown in Purple, SE London

  • I have an Ortlieb Sport Roller Plus for carrying a 15" macbook pro (2019 model), it just about fits in with a laptop sleeve but doesn't have much room for extra rolls on the roll top closure. If you want to pack more than just a laptop it's probably a little too small.

  • Ha right. Worth looking into organizations pouches they've released, which I didn't know existed. Take a look on their website.

  • Shortly after posting this I got a gumtree alert, drove out to some expensive looking cottage and secured this for a tenner. Holds a 17 inch laptop and has Rixen Kaul attachment hardware.

    Not exactly what I thought I was looking for and quite uncool but then again there's nothing cool about the entire situation. It is cool to save eighty quid or whatever though.

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  • Anyone any experience of the Topeak MTX Beamrack setup?

    A mate has offered me his - looks like the capacity is ok but it's a fair lump, any better than a lightweight rack + pannier?

  • I looked at those at one point and my concerns were the risk of side-to-side movement as they are only clamped to the seat post. Also size, weight, and fugly.

    If you have the standard rack mounting points, I see no reason to look at anything like that.

  • Yeah that's what I was fearing - it's not that much bigger than the big Altura seat pack I have with the rixen kaul (?) saddle bracket but adds a foot of scaffold pole onto the weight - will have a look at the tortec velocity or one of the similar slim ones, the Tubus ones are maybe a bit #buyer for me

  • I am umming as a replacement for my dead front rack between either:
    a gamoh porteur in Alu or
    a pelago in Alu or stainless steel.

    What are the pros and cons of a steel rack versus Alu?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • From my experience aluminium is obviously lighter but also more brittle. I broke aluminium racks and bag supports on off road rides.

  • From my experience aluminium is obviously lighter but also more brittle. I broke aluminium racks and bag supports on off road rides.

    This is correct. If you're going to be carrying medium to heavy loads semi regularly on anything past tarmac, steel is the way forward.

    If you're carrying a light bag for commuting, then alu will be the lighter choice.

  • Steel will rust where you (inevitably) rub off the paint. Fortunately, you'll just rub that rust right off again!

  • Cheers for the comments guys.
    As I expected, thanks for confirming.
    The steel is stainless, so rust's no worry.
    I believe I'll go for the steel one, but just see them in the flesh on sat.

  • It'll be mainly bag, but sometimes heavier stuff due to having the rack for those duties in the first place. The wald racks suffice for the lighter duties.

  • I feel that.

    I went steel for my commuter because there's the odd time I'll load it up with beers that take it close to the weight limit - I don't want to fuck around with something exploding into my front wheel!

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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