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  • I can post a pair if needed. just opened up a ql2.1 bracket but I'm actually going to be using the ql1. Sure I have more somewhere too

  • Two pairs would be ideal, but a pair can do! Will PM

  • Do we know people that sew or have sewn bikepacking packs? I got myself a 30sqm sail with som minor tears and plan to sew them into a set. But I struggle to find fitting cutting instructions. Otherwise I need to try and error.

  • I think there are various articles on and other sites - you're probably best making up a cardboard mock up of what you want first so you can work out the dimensions, before you start cutting and sewing the fabric you have!

  • Have a look at this thread if you haven't already:­43/

    At least a handful of forummongers have done that, if you do a search you'll find something, otherwise ask the same question there.

  • I like the look of the reversed saddle bag.

  • Any opinions on the timtas ahead spacer front rack?
    Seem useful if a little expensive for a slightly larger handlebar bag support.­front-rack/

  • Good, but with flaws.

    First one that arrived was functional but not in line, poorly finished and wonky, ttr claim it was a proto or a Friday job and thought I wanted a rack quickly so just shipped that...

    It functioned, but I could not hack it sitting wonky especially being in eye sight constantly!

    Klickfix bags are better, not quite as snug to the bar/pretty though

  • A friend of mine looks for a affordable rack thats suitable for a carbon racebike. Working with quick releases and no mounts on the bike. Any ideas? The nitto one won't fit.

  • Just seen this, try Straight Cut, based in Edinburgh, well made, have a stock size, but for an additional fee Ross will make to whatever size you need. Comes with a HDPE insert too, so no more saggy bar bags.

  • Anyone good a good suggestion for a wide front rack (like pizza rack but thinner tubes) which can also handle panniers?


  • Is it QR rim brake? Axiom make a few options. Could also be made to work with a disc bike if it has the equivalent of a brake bridge bolt hole or you can fit a rack eyelet seat clamp.

    Thru-Axle no idea beyond A very spendy Tailfin.

  • Tubus disco, fit on QR at the bottom, with stays attached to some sturdy p.clips on rubber strips to stop carbon-gouge. Great for bracing a saddlebag if it’ll reach to there, as well as panniers or racktop bag.

  • Many thanks thats a good start

    Somehow those pelago racks do look a bit low budget despite their price

    I assume thats due to the screw-on side mounts...

  • Cheers. Will look elsewhere.

  • BLB has something similar but I do not know if you can use it for panniers as it is not mentioned.­ack-silver

    If you find something better/nicer/cheaper, let me know as I’m waiting for a discount on the pelago one before ordering.

  • Pelago > BLB. The BLB rack is def more low budget and more badly made compared to the Pelago one. The BLB was a pain to install even semi straight as the welds were so bodged.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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