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  • Turns out this is only yellow... that would be too far for me, black or... black!

  • Ah. Well. Whats the Carradice recycled tarp company? Any options there?

  • Upso or something, I’ll chat to Margaret!

  • Anyone seen something like the ortlieb accessory pack but a bit bigger?

    Is 3.5l and only 5cm deep, something 10cm
    Deep would be ideal

  • Now found what I was looking for!!
    Porcelain rocket meanwhile

    Seam welded. Proper waterproof!­store/products/meanwhile?variant=1243952­4114481

  • Nitto rack users. The struts that came with my M18 are a bit long and protrude above/into the basket making it a bit of a pain. Can these be cut to length without any compromise in strength? I can’t adjust the mounting mounts any lower as it fouls the disk brake mount.

    Picture of strut for reference, but they are just the stock ones.

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  • Yeah chop em

  • Ive chopped quite a few for both personal and customers bikes, you can even buy extra long stays to cut to length. I find a dollop of black nail polish at the ends help it look more matchy.

  • It does not show it in the pic, but there is a standard clip and it´s attached to the the cord from the inside..

  • Yep, just did that to an extra long 420 struts to fit an M18 into a surly mid fork mounts.
    Cut and filed a chamfered edge to them.

  • Has anyone bodged a way to make a basket "quick release"? I have a BLB front rack and basket but I'd like to take the basket on and off more easily than bolting it on each time. I was thinking of using magnetic door clasps to hold it on - keen to hear if others have done something similar.

  • Anyone have pictures of bike with racks incorporated into the fender?

  • I realise this is a really long shot but I have recently bought an Origin8 front rack and unfortunately when I was mounting it a few days ago, one of the little tabs that are used to adjust the height just broke (see pic). The store where I bought the rack from ghosted me and Origin8 themselves say they can't help. Does anyone happen to have an extra one of these tabs laying around?

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    Velcro self gripping tape? I use this for loads of things, very useful stuff.

  • I’ve seen the rackstands in person, they’re actually kinda cool in that klunky Japanese commuter kinda way.

  • Something like this really ought to be a thing for bicycle mudguards:

  • Cross posted from the Current Project thread, but my Hungry (mini) Muncher stem pouch / feed bag arrived today. It’s a touch smaller than the ones he sells on his site, which is what I requested . Perfect for holding my phone, glasses in a case (I’m blessed with no-so-perfect vision, so I have to swap between prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses) and even my light Giro New Road jacket if I wanted. Feels good not having to search around in my basket bag for my phone for photos and directions. It can be attached to my stem or basket using Velcro straps. Digging the stuff Hungry is doing, especially because he’s based in Australia so it’s easy for me to get stuff.

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  • I used it on two rides today and it’s perfect for getting my phone out while riding for the ‘gram or directions. I also discovered today it fits perfectly in the triangle of my Bullmoose bars.

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  • I have a similar pouch, the fit is too perfect. It now feels almost out of place on a regular stem + bars.

  • I commute on the Spacehorse with the Bullmoose bars, so I’m stoked about discovering this. It can also attach to a basket if need be.

  • I used this weird setup now for two weeks, commuting, with a 15" Macbook and some clothes. Works pretty good, attaching and detaching the bag is more or less fast, but in my case now not needed. So clothes for work in a transfer bag, and just the laptop in a sleeve. In the first two pics there's also an additional bottle and other things in the bag.

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  • Anyone have the Berthoud small universalbag?

  • I know i have seen this somewhere on here but cant find it:

    A rack fixation that is screwed into the fork bridge but from the back side of the fork Reaching to the front

    Does anyone have a link/idea?

    Thanks so much

  • Do you mean like a vintage Blackburn?

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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