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  • ye buts it's gross and looks really agricultural. L beam steel all over the place

  • aesthetics > morals every time my guy

  • wont fall apart and break your face though....

    @TM you had a BLB rack for a bit right?

  • I’ve got a BLB Nitto copy, it’s a piece of shit. Had a Gamoh Porter for about 5-6 years and it’s been great, super solid.

  • @MechaMorgan the Pelago Commuter rack comes with 3 types of mounts (see the third picture in the slideshow), including one for mounting on the axle which offsets it away to clear the fork (the left-most bracket in the image). Worked a treat for me, and it's a nicely manufactured bit of kit.

  • Pelago is a bit more money but is lighter and looks nicer.

  • Hi, I'm currently searching for a good saddle pack, preferably around 10 -12 liters.
    As i was binging myself through some GCN etc. videos, I noticed in many of them that the bags were swaying around a lot. Is that due to quick and uneven packing and not compressing enough? or do these things all wobble around outside the commercial vids? :D

    So: are there any decent value ones that you can recommend? I'd like to use an of-the-shelf model for some time before being sure what to order as a custom longterm bag from cordel etc.

  • will go for the Pelago when money allows, thanks all.

  • This bag looks great @King_Saxlingham - a bright/light inner is such a good idea for any bag, I don't know why more bagmakers including the big brands don't do it. Tempted to get one for a Wald - do you think this would also be rigid enough to sit on top of a flat rack without flopping about (if strapped down obviously)? Cheers

  • How much did it set you back? If you dont mind me asking..

  • Hey, Yeah I asked for the orange for exactly that reason, i'm always losing keys etc in black bags.

    Yes its totally rigid enough for a rack. The fabric is sturdy and I asked to have a padded liner added to the bottom. In fact it actually has a strap that runs underneath the bag in case it ever needs to go on something other than a basket. I've used it on my brompton rear rack once, and it seemed to be about ok (But i'd use bungees for anything further than my village shop run).

  • I don't, but I've PM'd you.

  • I'm after a small bag for a Nitto front rack. Found this Acorn which seems to have the perfect attach,net system, but they're sold out. Any similar options? Actual bag can be modern, just looking for attachment like that and relatively small size.­ct-rando-bag?variant=9847083794476

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  • Nice one! Thank you.

  • Found some of the Larca made by Ortlieb rear panniers.
    The clips are an older system which is not as nice as the one on my newer Vaude ones, and the bottom clip doesn't fit that we'll on the pizza rack.
    But I love the colours.

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  • Converted fishing bags/camera bag are popular for this use. Some Velcro straps added to the base and a sheet of corex for stability. Source a bag the right size and I’ll put some straps on for you for a pack of cider.

  • I just bought a BLB Frontier and I'm very happy with it @MechaMorgan - it's nicely made from stainless tubing, lighter than I thought it was going to be and easy enough to fit. Feels very solid. I've heard bad things about the take away tray and Nitto copies but definitely wouldn't lump this in with them.

    To be honest I wouldn't have bought it unless I got a discount though - at £89 there are maybe better options but I get a big discount on anything I buy from my LBS so it was by far the best option for the money for me (plus I get to support my LBS which is important to me, and offsets the negative karma of supporting BLB).

  • Not convinced the Pelago is lighter by the way, I can't find a weight for the Frontier and forgot to weigh it but the Pelago is 1.2kg and I'm pretty sure the Frontier isn't heavier than that. It also has an 18kg weight limit (3kg more than the Pelago) and some handy M5 bolt fittings along either side of the rack for the stupidly overpriced Frontier rack fence which I won't buy, but I'm going to use ones of these to mount my light bracket.

    All that said if I had to pay full price for BLB I'd have bought the large Pelago from Restrap (£85 with forum discount), if only so I could have the option of the natty magnetic fittings they sell for it. I am wondering if these could be bodged onto the Frontier...

  • Stupid idiot here. Am using a carradice saddlebag for now but might need to mount something else in the back soon so I thought about getting a front rack (tubus tara) and some panniers. That seems easier than it is. My laptop for commuting is 38x25 cm. Seems like most panniers are still used in front? can't find something I like :(

    Looks like ortlieb is the way to go?

    If only I didn't need to drag this old laptop home if I wanted to work from home, I could just use a handlebar bag!

  • I’ve carried my 55kg wife on my pelago with no issues, would say the weight limit is conservative.

  • Spent / wasted the weekend bodging elastic bungee lid and mesh pockets to my Decathlon handle bar bag.

    The elastic bungees were easy to do but the pockets are a bit of a pain. I only have an Osborne speedy sewer awl thing and it was awkward and long.

    At least it's done now, doubling my Skittles supply and providing crucial quick access to Colin the Caterpillars.

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  • Hey guys,

    New to this and looking for a handlebar bar for commuting (60 km per day) only ( for now).

    Have finally worked out how to get my boss to agree I don't have to drag my laptop from and to work so I can finally ditch the big saddlebag.

    Want to get something smaller for up front.

    Ideally it would be a harnass with a drybag so I can unclip it at work, take it into the locker room and upstairs.

    Would need to be able to pack lunch, clothes, towel, and some rain gear.

    Have been looking at stuff online and the restrap one looks awesome but a bit overkill for commuting?

    Also, can someone tell me I'm being an idiot because this bike actually has eyelets for a front rack so I might just go for paniers?

  • Ortlieb bar bag? I find with front harnesses unless the dry bag is stuffed, they just fall out.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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