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  • Does anyone find that when using a basket bag, it hops around a lot in the basket? I've used a few (Mackworkshop, and Restrap) and they both do it. Any one 'solved' this problem?

  • Are you fitting it right?

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  • Yep, exactly like that. I find its more the middle of the bag sort of jumps up and down making a 'whopping' noise.

    I'm wondering if i should create a sort of hard base plate to sit inside the bag, so the base can't 'flex' as it goes over a bump.

  • You could use a short bungee over the middle (from HT to front of basket) for a bit of extra security? I’m not sure a hard base will help - could end up rattling loudly.

  • Does anyone know if the VO randonneur rack with the integrated decaleur will be suited for the height of the Ostrich bags (21-24cm)? Or: at which height have you've got the decaleur mounted on your Ostrichs?

  • Little plug for . Nice range of bags.

    I saw one on someone else's bike recently, had a little chat with the rider & then came home and had a look. I wanted more info on fabrics so emailed and got a super friendly and helpful reply from Daniel (who I guess is the maker). Popped an order in on Sunday and they should be here after the weekend.

  • They're in the post today. Pics below.

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  • Other than the Restrap Wald Bag, and MackWorkshop Rack Bag, are there any other decent basket bags available in the UK anyones come across?

  • Naffsacks will make you something to suit your needs?

  • Ripped the drybag on this on my second ride (wasn't full enough, didn't secure it well enough so it fell out):­s/bikepacking-series/965-frontloader

    There's now a couple of 0.5mm holes in it which obviously stops it from being waterproof. Is there something I can glue/iron on to patch it? Would something like this stay on?­nt-Waterproof-Patches-Repair/dp/B005F4F3­N0

  • Go to an outdoors shop and get seam sealant. You may be able to find it as an iron-on tape or adhesive. Its role is to seal up all the tiny stitching holes so it will do fine as a patching kit.

  • Thanks - I meant 5mm rather than 0.5mm by the way.
    Will check that out.

  • Yea I guessed you meant 5mm!

    You need something highly adhesive and totally waterproof, but the problem is that it may not be malleable enough for the way the original material folds and flexes with stuff inside.

    If you’re desperate, message me your address and I’ll send you some scraps of ripstop (I have black/blue/whatever). So long as you can get them permanently adhered to the surface, I’d be surprised if you manage to get them to saturation point. I left some water drops on top of the material a few weeks ago, and they were sat there on top day after day.

  • Cheers, that's a kind offer. I'll see how I get on with the tape first and will let you know if it doesn't work out.

  • Those are nice

  • Does anyone know who stocks the ILE Porteur rack bag in the UK? A quick Google suggest people who used to have stopped.

  • I think SBC did?

  • There was on for sale on here recently, let me see if i can find the thread.

    EDIT: sorry it was a rucksack, i misremembered

  • Oh, yeah - I'll drop them an email. Thanks!

  • IIRC Lomo make a double ended dry bags, for not a much more than cost of sealant.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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