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  • This might fit the bill..

  • Bit spendy, think I might just grind down a "found" supermarket basket to fit.

  • Swift moved SOME production to Asia.

  • Anybody who had both? Carradice and Fabio’s Chest?

    Is it worth the hype? Because in the looks department I‘d say Fabios Chest wins (for me at least)

  • If you're gonna drop the cash for a fabs chest, I'd throw in wizard works Shazam too. Really well made.

    Though I do love a carradice..

  • I have this huge ass basket, which at the moment I'm attaching to one of these racks with zipties on a 26er. It works perfectly but I'm not a big fan of the rack itself and I don't really trust it with a big weight on it. The little aluminium posts that connect the rack to the axle are very flimsy and break easily (I've had one break once already) and the rack is a bit heavy and cumbersome.

    So I am looking for a decent, not too expensive, black front rack that I can replace it with. I would love if it could be mounted on the axle as that would make it fit any of my bikes (they're all bolt-on) but I realise this is pretty rare. The main bike where I'll use it has plenty of attachments options so it's not that big of a deal.

    Any recommendations?

  • I think the Pelago is pretty decent. Comes in stainless or aluminium.­t-rack/

  • Very pricy though, I was looking for something more in the ~60€ range

  • Metro Porteur rack or Minoura Gamoh?

    SJS options

  • I'd spend the extra 40 € and get the Pelago.

    I put one on my sister's bike about a year ago. I had to convince her to get it because she felt it was too expensive back then. Last week she told me how much she loves the rack and that it's totally worth the 100 € price tag. ;-)

  • I love the Shazam. But if I'm going for the custom colors, then the bag is just $$$ too mucho dineros maximus.

  • What is your opinion on Specialized Pizza Rack vs Bontrager Carry Forward rack?
    I have a Giant Toughroad (carbon fork with no triple bosses, has lowrider eyelets but only outside + hole at the fork crown), going to tour with my kid in trailer, so need some extra packing space. Was thinking about Tubus Tara first but the Big Apple version is impossible to get anywhere sooner than next August. These two I am considering to add small (Vaude or Ortlieb) panniers for longer tours and also carry something on the platform (I already have Wald 139 from previous bike that I could reuse here) instead of a handlebar harness. I am going to add dynamo lighting at some point, so that would go on the rack and I wouldn't remove it outside of touring then.
    @Föhn has praised the Pizza Rack that the higher panniers position help on trails, but on the other hand I feel Bontrager would give me more stable steering with low rider position and make less forces on fork (5 mounting points including fork eyelets vs 3 on Specialized). I am not going to do any crazy trails with panniers as I will be towing a double Thule Chariot at the same time, whenever riding solo I would probably only use platform for cargo carrying.

  • I run a pizza rack and it’s rated for a shit tonne of luggage, but the panniers do sit really high. On the Sequoia that’s seems to not be a problem, but on my Midnight Special it threw the handling to cock. With just a bag or light basket it’s fine on both bikes.

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  • What's the go to smaller bar bag these days? Rapha explore?

    I've been riding with big bags for ages which are mostly empty, so looking for something smaller and lighter for day trips.

  • pls dont pollute this thread with bikepacking bags


    have you checked the decathlon offerings?

  • How the eff did they mount the Gino-thingy on that strut? Does somebody has an idea?

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  • Think nitto sells a lamp holder

  • I think it might be the "Lamp Holder 6"?

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  • Cheaper version, just use a p clip.

  • Showed up last night:

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  • Anyone recommend a frame bag, similar in size to a Restrap small one, but with a 9cm headtube edge? They all seem to max out about 5cm, and I can't live with a gap between tubes.

    Ideally about 15cm downtube length, 20cm top tube length.

  • Just send a cardboard template to alpkit (or other manufacturer) and get them to make you one.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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