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  • Has anyone tried to drill out the threaded mounts on a pizza rack to be able to mount it directly without the triangle brackets?

    I can’t get a good fit with the brackets, but the lower mount lines up perfectly, I’m just unsure if it’s safe to do.

  • Not sure I follow, you can mount the pizza rack without the triangles by just screwing through mounts onto the fork?

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  • @King_Saxlingham
    Yes, that is true for the one you posted, but i believe that is a "special edition" for the Awol only. If you buy the rack standalone, it comes with two triangle brackets, and the eyelets on the rack itself are threaded. That means it wont work if the eyelet on the fork is also threaded (unless you use the triangle brackets), which is why I'm considering drilling it.

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  • Surely you can use a longer bolt and thread it trough both parts..?

  • I can't see how that would be possible if the threads doesn't line up perfectly? I tried yesterday, but it would't fit and I assumed that was why. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Spacers on either side of the rackmount should help ofset the difference in thread engagement point. It'll probably be trial and error to find the right fit. But a lot easier than drilling out the threads.

  • Drill it. As long as you are only drilling the minimum necessary, you won't lower the strength of the rack. Best to deburr the hole once you've drilled it too.

  • I drilled the threads last night, quick and easy job. The fit was perfect for the placement of the pizza rack, however, the two eyelets on the rack that i drilled, turned out not "in line" with each other. So when one was angled 90 degree on the fork eyelet, the other would be off angle. It was not enough to notice when i lined everything up to test, but enough to make it impossible to thread both bolts in at the same time.
    So I ended up using the triangle brackets anyway, and mounting the rack in a not level position. I'm not really happy with this, and will probably swap it with my surly front rack from my Trek at some point.

  • Could you bolt something long to the rack and twist it a little to align the holes?

  • An aluminium rack might not take kindly to some physical persuasion of that kind.

  • Drill again at a very slight angle? Of course only if there's enough material left.

  • Fully prepared to be laughed out of town for this, but in case anyone else is a complete sucker for Uncle Ron, the Woods Cyclery have a selection of Fab's bags in a tan waxed cordura up on their site:­ategory/bags/page/2/

  • I can't get over how large the insta tax on that stuff is.

  • Yes £300 for a bar bag (or any bag) is a bit insane

  • They're not made by Swift Ind anymore I don't think, wonder what the quality is like for that price.

  • Swift moved production to Asia whereas Ron has set up a factory in the US. I know which bag I'd rather have, I'd even go as far as saying the bang for buck ratio for both brands is pretty similar.

    I'm not crazy about the whole influencer stuff but he's doing some admirable things with the momentum he has created.­orks/

  • There should be enough give in the rack to bend it slightly, how far off is it?

  • I snapped a pizza rack this very week gently squeezing it to fit onto some forks, 0/10 very disappointing experience for all involved

  • Swift moved production to Asia

    Ah that sucks. I visited their place in Seattle and all seemed really nice folks. I guess money though.

    Will check out that insta 👍

  • I fully suspect someone has already posted about this, but my search slash memory skills are shite.

    Restart City Loader (the brompton bag): any one had any joy running it on a bagman or off bars/on a small rando rack?

    Have a much longer commuter, and the backpack is driving me nuts on the days I ride in, and too sweaty on the days I brompton slash train.

  • Anyone got an extra long set of these that are currently surplus to requirements?

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  • Not here but you can get them from SJS

  • Does anyone know if a Nitto F-16 will work with the Restrap Rando Small or Restrap Bar Pack? Also does the Nitto F-16 work with threadless stem rather than a quill?

    I want a bigger bag at the front but I need something easy to remove as I have one bike for all the things.

  • Anyone come across a small basket that fits nicely between regular sized drops? doesn't need to be really deep either, or bicycle specific for that matter.

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Panniers - Racks - Bags - Bike Luggage

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