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  • Just read the review:­n-edge-800-in-depth-first-look.html

    Dammit, it looks slick. Carbon fibre look.
    Have just bought a 705 before DD, and now I want that one.
    Gadget junkie!

  • Dibs your 705 when you sell it. It's inevitable innit. You selling it I mean.

  • pascalo

    i too am in lust

    but it uses a different mounting bracket to the 705 so i'd have to replace all of them too

  • not fussed on the faux carbon fibre looks though

  • I think the faux carbon looks rubz.

  • we've had one in the office - it's the nuts. Dying to actually take it out and ride it myself

  • I messed around with one at the cycle show. Completely unimpressed - when are they going to revamp the maps and software? It's a shocker.

    Praying they get it together before next summer when I might have to get one.

  • so you think it ain't worth it?

  • I think it's as good as it gets right now. There's nothing better, so it's not fair to say it's not worth it. But it should be so much better than it is. It's 2010 - we have google maps and tomtom now. The garmin is like mapquest circa 1999. So I just hope they lift their game before I'm forced to buy an 800. :)

  • I was looking at this as my Xmas prezzie to myself, but unless I'm missing something the mapping on the Satmap still looks better? I don't need any of the training stuff which I guess is the main thing with Garmins?

  • I meant worth the upgrade from the 705

  • I don't own either one so what do I know, but I doubt it's worth upgrading if you already have a 705.

  • £300 a-z? jog on.

  • Does anyone have one?
    A real-life review would be helpful. I note some may have just used it to navigate Old St (see Rides and Races)

  • I think Scherrit has one

  • I have a Bryton 35, which might be considered to be similar to the edge 500. Only opened and started playing with it last night. Appears to do everything I want it to. I will combine it with Garmin sensors (HR, cadence, and speed). Bryton do a more advanced model, the rider 50. Worth checking out before opening your wallet.­ad.php?214354-Bryton-Rider-50-GPS-Review­

  • I got one last Xmas and it's one of the best bits of kit I've bought. I only really use it for navigation as I was getting hacked off with printing off loads of sheets of paper for long routes and stopping every 10mins to see where I was. I pretty much use it for this one purpose alone - pre-plan a route, load it up and spend the day out in the country without getting lost - it's been very liberating. Stacks of data for pretty much anything you can think of... I may get more into the training features next year but it's not a big deal for me...

  • I got one for my birthday last month (contribution from parents, there's no way i'd expect anyone to pay full wack for me!). I've never owned a cyclo computer so have nothing to compare it to but it is the nuts. The main thing for me is the training stuff so went for the HR and cadence sensors package. From my limited experience of using the navigation it's there just to point you left or right, it's not a fully blown satnav and neither would i want it to be else you'd spend all your time checking it.

    You can get full street maps for UK cities which i reckon would be useful in London but its an extra £50 odd pound for the pre-loaded Sd card, meh.

    I've been using Garmin connect which seems spot on for what i want it for, uploads dead easy and plots/graphs everything but a lot of people are moving over to strada apparently?

  • If it's just the sat-nav style navigation, speed, distance recording, etc then you can get something like a Garmin Dakota for about half of the price. It doesn't include cycling specific features although you can add-on cadence & heart rate monitor.

    For the maps you can get free ones from Openstreet map in Garmin form for free.

  • ^^ Like he said. I got mine with the Ordnance Survey maps for hill walking - just as a get-out-of-jail card in bad weather really, but use the Openstreet maps for cycling - work great (and free)

  • I had a quick look at openstreetmap - whats the deal with getting them onto your garmin?

  • ^^ Just download them onto an SD card, the Garmin will open it up when it boots up. More info on:

  • Doesn't support turn by turn directions running OSM though.

    I've used a 705 for years and upgraded to an 800 at the beginning of the summer.

    It is definitely an improvement. The touch screen works well and route calculation takes seconds rather than up to 10 minutes like on the 705. Battery life is solid and the mounting is a lot more practical.

    Cons: New colour high-res screen is not as easy to read as the 705 screen due to contrast problems. You do get used to it but if you have sweat running in your eyes, it can be a little bit of a struggle. Navigation alerts don't seem to be as loud as on the 705...I tended to miss turnings when riding with lots of background noise. Once again you do get used to this though.

    Overall its a clear improvement. Its a lot of money to upgrade though...

  • Are folks happy with the soft garmin hrm strap?

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Garmin Edge 800

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