Bikes on trains in the UK

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  • I'm having a good think about the rinko approach for my bike.

    Not just for train journeys, but so I can take it into shops instead of chaining it up outside. If it was stolen it would be harakiri time. Everyone says 'I-never-let-my-bike-out-of-my-sight', but this rather limits it as a conveyance. I don't want the thieves to stop me enjoying my lovely bike.

    The main thing is the time it takes for disassembly and reassembly. Rinko devotees talk about 20 minutes. Maybe I could reduce that with special fittings or something? If the bike has no mudguards and racks it's much easier. And mine is Etap 11, so no gear cables.

    So the things which need to be perfected are:

    • unhooking brake cables
    • handlebar removal
    • fork removal
    • seatpost removal

    All needs to be done without any scratches, as this is my perfect ultimate superbike. Also no oil from the chain on everything. And without the setup and adjustment of brakes and seatpost needing to be done again at reassembly time. And hardly any crap to ride with, e..g. the bag, tools and scratch protection.

    More on rinko:­rts-useful-not-only-for-train-travel/­/31/the-secrets-of-a-rinko-bike-how-to-g­et-a-near-perfect-steed-for-train-travel­/­ts/110562254/rinko.pdf?version=1&modific­ationDate=1486045861527&api=v2­ments/rinko-packing-a-bike-for-travel-pd­f.407887/

  • i could sell you a fairmean bag

  • That looks perfect for the weight weenie in me. Have you had much success with it?

  • oh yes, its just that now I am a dad plus pandemic so I have no idea when I will be able to use it

    had success everywhere but eurostar

    was great on french trains

  • I’ve only done rinko with a full touring bike with rack and mudguards (as hand luggage on ICE and Eurostar) and four Bowden cables, but this sounds rather ambitious.

    I can’t imagine packing up a bike in a hurry without scratching it. The hardest part of rinkoing a bike is lining up all the bits in the sandwich.

    You’ll also need space and quiet time to disassemble the bike and not lose track of the bits. Not easy in a station and I can’t imagine doing it outside a shop anywhere busy.

  • Also the ICE conductor had a go at me about my “bike”, even though I was like one of three people in the carriage, and I can imagine UK train guards being similarly nonplussed about you trying to beat the system.

  • just get a cafe lock, the hiplock one is great
    and a ground effect tardis for actually travelling with your bike, if asked say it's "mobility equipment"
    job done

  • Perhaps full rinko would be unnecessary to go in a shop? If the front wheel and seatpost were removed and the bike was bagged perhaps it could be worn as a sort of long backpack, without protruding beyond one's elbows?

  • Not just for train journeys, but so I can take it into shops

    The time and hassle of dismantling a rinko bike makes it an unlikely solution for shopping, but the more compact setups look great for travel on public transport.

  • Great Western Railways - them of the useless bike hanging cupboards.

    I'm trying to book a train out to Winchester for a SDW end-to-end-in-a-day ride. There are definitely two of us, and potentially two more.

    Frustratingly all two of the bike spaces on the GWR trains out to Winchester are reserved on all of the trains I've tried. Gone through all of the morning options to no avail. Likewise reversing the journey (i.e. to ride Eastbourne - Winchester and then train back to Ldn in the eve) bears no fruit.

    Question: how lenient are the GWR staff when it comes to simply bringing your bike onto the train without a reservation? Will cross post into the "bikes on trains" thread

  • GWR don't run any trains to Winchester from London. South West Railways do and those trains are no reservation needed.

  • Oh dear. I am now rechecking the work emails I sent this morning for similar glaring errors.

    Thank you

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Bikes on trains in the UK

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