Bikes on trains in the UK

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  • The conditions of carriage make no attempt to define "non-folded cycle" so in theory any bike is fine. However, they do forbid anything "more than 2m long" which would exclude a typical tandem.

    Staff can also refuse service to anyone, so as always it depends on your ability to blag it or not attract attention.

  • Interesting, 2 metres is a decent length also.

  • Borrow a tall bike?

  • I like the thinking. :)

  • The GWR bike cupboard location is shown on your bike reservation ticket.

    (The cupboards are are awful, but, giving you an individual reservation for an individual bike space isn't a bad idea.)

  • Been using South Western lately.. I'm pleased to see they have removed the wheel bender bike racks that only held 3 bikes very awkwardly and now have an open space.

  • I used Southern and SWT on Friday with my mate, two bikes and three trains in total. No booking just turned up on spec and no issues at all.

  • I booked ahead for this Saturday withGWR, I was given a booking ref but no bike space ref (e.g. H00) they said they aren’t doing that at the moment

    Not sure I believe them or not. I expect to get some moodiness on the journey

  • There’s a bike sign on the outside of the carriage

  • Oh thats a relitavly new addition then, first few times I used them it had nothing.

    @inappropriate_bike top tip

  • Looking to book a train out to Bristol for two weeks time with bikes. Did this all work out ok for you in the end?

  • Recently travelled on a grand central train. Remarkably only 3 bike spaces. Two are available to book the third is walk on.

  • Does anyone know about bikes on trains to / from Poole?

    I'm going to Jersey, via the Poole ferry in early November.

    Do I need to book a place?

  • Does anyone know about bikes on trains to / from Poole?

    South Western trains are first come first served with 3 spaces in each bike area (2-3 depending on length) but have seen people getting 6-7 on. If you are getting on at Waterloo, it's first dibs. Have made 3 trips this summer without issue.

  • It's a glorified commuter train with racks for two bikes every few carriage (that will routinely take three or four if carefully arranged), first come first served.

    edit - maybe it's three as a standard, it's been a while since I've been on this one.

  • edit - maybe it's three as a standard, it's been a while since I've been on this one

    They appear to have removed the wheel bender stands that could only hold 3 perfectly shaped bikes. It's just an open space now.

  • Yeah all good

  • Great info, thanks guys.

  • Am looking to book train trip for when restrictions drop in May. In the case of Avanti/West Coast Mainline, theyre waiting on government before making tix available more than a couple of weeks ahead. Does anyone have any info on when we are likely to see normal service resuming in terms of service and being able to book ahead?

  • Been in touch with Avanti West Coast Mainline and they are releasing in about three weeks windows. There is talk of this reverting to their traditional advance booking programme sometime this year but no firm plans as yet with the suggestion being checking in with their social media team for guidance

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Bikes on trains in the UK

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