Bikes on trains in the UK

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  • Some train operators are being arsey about letting obvious leisure travellers on - e.g. people with bikes. I had some friends refused at Oxford by GWR last week, which would be the same operator as Swindon.

    It'll probably all change after July 4th mind.

  • Are we allowed with bikes on trains yet then?

    For just leisure journeys?

  • Weren't Chiltern the company that nearly broke TNRC?

  • Thanks both. Looks like the plan is formulated...

  • That's pretty fucked when people are allowed to drive to beaches and stuff.

    I could understand if carriages were getting towards capacity but we'll see at 6am on a weekday and if it's too busy, try something else.

  • If I carry some bikes parts to a friend, it's now an essential journey right?


    Hmm, I'm going to have another plan fucked up before it starts because of this shit aren't I?

    That was a month ago and we're talking pretty off-peak times here.

    "Only take the train if there’s no other way to travel." Fucksticks.

  • How do they know it's leisure and not for work or to look after a vulnerable person?

  • Split your chain just before you arrive at the station, then plead "mechanical"? You'd be unlucky if they were carrying a chain tool.

  • Nope just looked, no trains, so maybe ride 13mi to Swindon and then train back from there. 23:19 is the last train to Paddington, then ride back from Paddington.

    It's 7 miles to Great Bedwyn from Marlborough, which has a station. Don't know what time the last train is, but it's a much shorter and more pleasant ride than to Swindon.

    Added: it's also less likely to be manned at that time of night. Swindon is a mainline station, with associated staffing levels, Bedwyn isn't.

  • Requires a change at Reading though which may or may not be worse than Swindon for restrictions. It's an option but I don't want to be 'that guy' on the train. So, back to the car it is. Fuck the planet.

  • Trains in the North-West are fine with bikes, even for obvious leisure travel. I take mine on 2 trains a day for commuting, no issue at all, 2 different operators too (Northern and Cross Country)

  • Another reason why the South is fncked.

  • That's pretty fucked when people are allowed to drive to beaches and stuff.

    Exactly, not allowed because leisure journeys are non-essential (although people are doing it anyway).

    Meanwhile, car drivers can make all the unnecessary leisure trips they like.

  • Anyone got a train out of London Bridge recently? Thinking of doing a train out, loop around Sevenoaks then train back. Fine last summer but I don’t wanna be seen as a lycra weapon going for a jolly... or refused travel.

  • Looks fine actually, just wear a mask and take hand sanitiser.

  • Yeah it's completely fine.

  • So few people are using trains/tube that it feels safer to be on public transport than a shop to me.

  • Beers are like £4 on trains though, I reckon shops are a better bet.

  • Has anyone travelled Avanti West Coast with a bike recently? Cycling up to the lakes next week, will be taking the train back. I've booked a ticket, but no option to reserve seats or bike spaces, and phonelines are closed because of covid...

  • You can reserve in person at any mainline station I think. Presumably in advance.

  • The avanti website should give you the option to book a bike space when you’re booking your ticket. I’ve booked a ticket to Carlisle for the beginning of September last week and could book a space.

  • The avanti trains now have a picture of a bike on the side so you know where to go. Normally your reserved seat is next to that although i here things have been going wrong.

  • Will give that a go, thanks!

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Bikes on trains in the UK

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