Bikes on trains in the UK

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  • I just managed to book my bike space via phone on the East Coast Mainline before booking the actual tickets. Glad I did as there was no bike space on the train I was planning on getting.

  • If you are worried, take a few bungee cords and foam pipe insulation (from plumbing merchants) so you can protect any bits you like and bungee it up tight.

    I regularly take my carbon frame on the train with no real worries.

  • That's really helpful, thank you,

  • Yeah good idea, cheers

  • That’s slightly misleading.

  • Misleading? The media? Never!

  • When I got home I was most suprised to see a full refund from GWR after my journey to Bespoked, shame it only took them "20 days" to get back to me after all this ....

    "On the out bound journey we were stuck in the station for 20 mins due to the train manager being absent, then when the train set off we were stuck behind a stopping train, to reading further delaying the service eventually ariving in Bristol half an hour late. Further to this none of the seats were marked as reserved, so I had to ask a rather aggressive man to move from our seats.

    On the return journey our train was cancelled, and I spoke to a member of staff at the station to check that it was OK to get the next train as our had been cancelled, he said it was fine. When I got to the train I asked a member of staff on the train where the bike storage was, he said it was where the two trains joined, so I looked and could not find it, so I put my bike in the wheel chair space as it was the most logical place to put it (obvs would have moved it if necessary). Then I was told that it wasn't allowed there and that it needed to go in the bike storage at the end of the train, which again I could not find, so I put the bike back in the wheel chair space, then I was told again by the same member of staff it was actually in coach C, then when I got there one of the doors was jammed and the aperture wasn't wide enough to fit my bike in, so I was then told to go to the bike storage at the other end, by this time the train is due to set off in 2 mins. I got got the other storage which was full, and by this point it was too late to move the bike any where else, I was then told that I couldn't leave my bike there and the train wouldn't wouldn't leave the station, so I asked where I should put it and the solution I was told was to get off the train, and get the next service, which I refused, so I had to stand for the entire journey (nearly 2 hours) in the vestibule area, and move the bike every time someone wanted to use the toilet.

    This is a really appalling service especially when National Rail are so keen to encourage cyclists to use trains -­3OA

    Also to claim compensation for the delayed journeys you have to have a photograph of your ticket, but when you exit the barrier the ticket is retained."

  • It be fine, I'd recommend the sleeper thought, a little cheaper than Virgin/LNER.

  • I don’t mean to be glib, but this sounds like your first Great Western Rodeo.

  • 2nd, but my friend was as much to blame for that also... But that's a story for another day.

  • Is it possible to take a normal bike on the victoria line around 7am on a Saturday?

  • No, only above ground

  • cheers

  • Anyone used the road courier option on the Caledonian Sleeper? Just looked at some dates and they don't have space on the train but offer up road freight (arriving at the same time and departing only 4 hours before) as an alternative

  • == southwestern q ==

    does anyone know how strongly this peak-time no-bikes rules is enforced?
    I have already booked an outwards ticket at 4:45 exactly....
    @umop3pisdn ?

  • Where are you travelling to? Wouldn't anticipate a problem at 4.45. Just make sure you get to the train in plenty of time to put the bike in one of the actual bike areas and be prepared to get smarmy looks from passengers if it's actually busy.

  • doing waterloo --> southampton
    thanks dude

  • You'll probably get one of the long distance trains so there'll be proper bike racks.

  • be prepared to get smarmy looks from passengers

    Dark sunglasses and an evening standard should solve that!
    If it's a Friday it may be busy at 1645, otherwise probably not.

  • Had a good experience with bike reservation on Virgin trains (London to Penrith). The staff have to let you on/ off, but appeared as soon as I got to the platform and knew what they were doing. Bike area is fairly rudimentary (basically just an area with a few straps) but seems fairly secure/ safe. Reservation is free.

  • Anyone experienced with Chiltern Railways out of Marylebone on a Saturday morning? I'm on the 8:06 to Oxford, bike reservations not possible. I'm hoping that's early enough not to be too much of a risk??

  • Generally pretty easy to get bikes on without reservation. Train will be full of tourist shoppers going to Bicester village

  • Bicester village

    Sounds nice.

    Cheers! :)

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Bikes on trains in the UK

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