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  • Hi folks,

    An opportunity has arisen for a full time printenger based in central Birmingham.

    This is a contract position, rather than sub-contractor, working 5 days / week 0900 - 1730 with 1 hour lunch.

    37.5 hrs per week, weekly paid above NMW you would be working for the Birmingham bureau of a national printing company.

    Obviously working outdoors in the rain / snow needs to be no problem, you would need to supply own bike / helmet ( preferably courier bag as well ).
    Helmet needs to be worn for insurance purposes.

    Unfortunately this would not be available on a job-share, immediate start preferred.

    Training available for 'level 2 NVQ Carry and Deliver Goods' to help with future career progression.

    Interested ?
    Contact Steve ASAP on 07961 659 273 for further details.

  • I would love to "jack it all in" and do this.
    Thanks for posting this up Steve - I really hope someone gets this....

  • What's a printenger? Serious question. Even though I don't live in Brum, just interested.

  • Thanks Pista,

    Skully : printenger - messenger working for a printing company, may do jobs around the print shop as well as deliveries.

  • Helmet needs to be worn for insurance purposes.


    my place makes me wear long sleeves to cover up my tattoos, now Ben's place wants helmets?

    bike deliveries/couriering/messengering in B'ham is a joke.

    Good luck finding someone at short notice Steve, hope it works out.

  • bike deliveries/couriering/messengering in B'ham is a joke.

    Pour quoi?

  • Helmets are still optional in this country, being told to wear one would make me jack the job, I'm too cranky to be told stuff like that, plus my head has proven itself to be plenty hard enough, it's solid.

    As usual most people will disagree with me and I can't be bothered to argue, but one of the worst thing about being back here is all the health and safety bs. I do realise nothing I say will change the world, just expressing disbelief.

  • Steve, post this on B'ham City Cyclist site too, jobless people there too...

  • When i started out they tried to make me wear a full company uniform!
    Also got reprimanded for mohawk and earings! But belligerence won through (eventually shaved the mohawk tho)!

    Might know someone interested steve, i'll text him...

  • When i started out they tried to make me wear a full company uniform!

    haha, that would be awesome. i'd heckle the shit out of messengers if they had to wear uniform. i reckon there'd be a shortage and you'd all be on £10 an hour.

  • My company toyed with some sorta uniform ting.

    It was cotton polo neck t-shirts.

    Cycling. In cotton. LOL

    Some people just do not have a clue

  • Wahay I got the job :)

  • nice, did we meet at the Urban Hill Climb?
    I recognize the name from somewhere

  • Yeah I'm barry

  • ok, well pm/text/whatever if you want local info on any stuff, I do the same job here

    Hyper too... and Pastry used to.

  • I wish I still did, but for more money. desk jobs SUCK!

  • So whos who?
    i got tom on facebook
    start tomorrow 8:45am
    pm me your numbers or something be good to meet up with you guys again show me the city

  • daylightbombings - we're hoping to hook up on the 29th October for a few beers in Digbeth. Check the BHX Beers thread. If you can hang about for a beer or three after work on that day, it would be good to hear how you are getting on....

  • Bad news guys
    Hobs(the w@nkers) didn't accept me because i have plugs in my ears, which in turn has pissed me and steve off a tremendous amount.
    its funny that they pestered him for a courier, and the first guy he sends over they don't want.
    Pretty sure thats discrimination, anyway possibly still hook up with you guys on the 29th and if any of you hear about jobs going send them my way

  • Wow... I'm (nearly) speechless

  • We use hobs at my work, I'll get our receptionist to insist that any messenger/printengers they send over have ear plugs! ear plugs with uniform maybe just for a laugh.

  • Fuck them I think I've got a good case for discrimination here

  • That must be a shit disappointment. But unless you have them in for religious reasons, they're probably well within their rights. You would be delivering to their clients, effectively representing their company image... ridiculous as it sounds, ear plugs might be a bit too 'punk' as opposed to 'professional'.

    If you need proper advice though speak to ACAS and/or the CAB

  • Bike couriers/messengers aren't commonly known for their professional/corporate image, the sort of people attracted to this work are (in my opinion) either cycling maniacs or complete hippies, or a combination of both, thus alternative appearances are pretty much the norm. Yet Barry's piercings, my tattoos and even Hyper's hair have all been deemed 'problems'?
    It's retarded.
    I know we're technically working for printers, but we don't have bags or uniforms that say who we're riding for. Even if we did the receptionists hardly look twice at us and everyone else is in their cubicles looking at facebook probably, nobody cares...
    Plus, in the printshop the guys have tattoos, earrings and some of the worst hair you'll see in your life, and are wearing uniforms with logos on.
    The whole thing is just petty conservatism from the firms, they don't realise that nobody gives a shit what we look like, the customer just want their deliveries asap. Nobody tells London motorcycle couriers they can't have dreads, nose-rings and a metric shit-ton of stank... or NY bike couriers that they can't have tattooed necks and lsd-burnout eyes... it just seems here they have got away with it and think they are right.

    It sucks balls.

  • I agree that it sucks - I just don't think daylightbombings would win a discrimination case since I don't think there is a law that states discrimination against people with ear plugs is illegal.

    That is just an opinion though; admittedly not a very informed one - hence daylightbombings should contact ACAS and/or CAB via the links above... there might be some other useful info and links here:­esolvingWorkplaceDisputes/Discrimination­AtWork/DG_10026557

    Do the guys in the printshop get seen by customers at all? If not then that's probably why they get away with tattoos and jewellery.

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Job Available

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