Women and Training

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  • I was taking the 52cm touring bike that I've borrowed from a forumeanger (for the missus) to the LBS as the seatpost were those imperial allen bolt.

    Once I managed to get it down to her exact height, it just drawn to me how vulnerable women who's under 5'5 feel when riding on a bicycle several sized too small for me (and oddly a perfect TT length).

    To us bloke, traffic feel fine, we're pretty tall to able to see ahead of us, even on a time trial bike, we can still see what's happening, but for the women, they're severely restricted.

    Any though?

  • We're not all pretty tall Ed. I'm neither, though I did look better when I was younger.

  • Average height of UK bloke is 5'9, and the ladies is 5'4 (2002).

  • Sexist.

  • "Get down low and go go go, ladies" says renowned feminist and scholar Edward, Duke of Scoble.

  • I know one thing Ed; I would never use the word 'ladies'. It may be what was chosen on here for the womens' forum but I suspect it would go down less well out there.

  • Point taken.

    Time to bring in the Mergatron.

  • At 5'7 am I too short for cycle training?

  • If people drive in such a way that the height of a rider they encounter is an issue, they're probably not doing it right.

  • Point taken.

    Time to bring in the Mergatron.

    Not suggesting a merge. But how we talk to trainees is important and I, personally, would not choose 'ladies' as my word when talking about, or to, female trainees.

  • How would *you *address a group of adult female trainees, Will?

  • What exactly is wrong with "ladies"? I'm confused.

  • I certainly wouldn't say "Hello ladies". I'd either sound like someone from the 50s or some sad leering Lothario. If there were two groups, men and women, I would refer to them as men and women, not ladies and gents. If I was talking to a female trainee, as I have quite a bit, about who comes for training, I would say "They are mostly women". Saying "they are mostly ladies" would sound absurd.

  • how about velochicks?

  • I don't understand what this thread is about?

  • Come on Will, admit it. You say "Hellooo Ladies.." with a little wink, and when you are in your working class mood it's "awrite girls" in your best cockney.

  • I don't understand what this thread is about?

    If you read the OP, neither does Ed.

  • I don't understand what this thread is about?

    Edwardo started about women seeming vulnerable on small bikes,
    then everyone else piled in with a debate about merits of us calling cycle trainees laydees
    we need you Vee vee

  • I don't understand what this thread is about?

    Let the universe tell you what it is about VeeVee, let the universe tell you.

  • it's ok for children though. I mean boys?

  • Ed rather recklessly failed to identify between women of average height and men of less than average height.

  • I am not liking male riders at the moment so this thread is perfect for my venting :)

  • I'm not tall enough to be a man, Ed said so.

  • Keep your venting clean there Mademoiselle. No need for any French.

  • Lady Mademoiselle to you.

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Women and Training

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