Cycle trainers ride

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  • Gentlemen and lady trainers
    how about a meet/ ride??
    There is a lot of uncertainty about, but also some amazing stuff happening in the pro world.
    I dont believe we have done this and my idea is get together, have a look at any decent cycle route/ interesting schemes, ride for a bit, then get pre pre X-mas drinks or coffee. Place/ short route tbc. Open to pros, interested parties from London and elsewhere.
    Looking at one morning/ afternoon 23-31 October for this, half term time.
    stick your names down if interested and we can go from there.

  • Jesus, the world's most anal ride...EVER


  • In, would love to see how anal this is.

  • probably about as anal as a real lemon party but perhaps without the accompanying frisson of danger.

  • Noob here. I'm in - not been on a ride yet. All I request is a gentle anal ride.

  • In knew that word would cause trouble Festus..
    gonna leave it another day or two and then presume the others arent too worried.
    no dramas either way.

  • i might try to make this from bristol. i never got certified officially but i do believe im on the register...

  • I'd actually be interested in looking at doing some anal cycle training. Is it really that stretching? (sorry *m.f, couldn't resist that)

    So I'd be into joining your ride even though I'm nothing to do with being a 'pro', more as an introduction to your world. Now I'm a freelancer I'd like to think about learning some new skills, basically.

  • Good thread MF!
    We've got people wandering in off the street and unemployed freeloaders.
    Maybe PMs are the way to go.
    No training, no talk.

  • Will stop bullying Skully (again)
    23/24 th weekend.
    carry on list if serious.
    no training -no talk.

  • I will be working that weekend but I like the idea of a trainers' ride.

  • I will be working that weekend but I like the idea of a trainers' ride.

    seems like Dansky and Digger arent on it yet, can try dates if they come on.

  • Sounds a goodun, count me in

  • hi Mrx can you read this pls

  • It's a New Posts thing, I think. People don't look what forum they are on

  • Sorry, didn't notice it was a 'trainer' ride. I'm just new to the forum looking for a ride. I wasn't really looking to freeload wiganwill, if that's what you were suggesting. Sorry for the assumption if it wasn't.

  • The freeload comment was aimed at my good friend Skully. You're more than welcome to read and use and add to this forum Paddy. And Hello!

  • PaddyPlug, there's a lots of ride in the section called Rides & Races, however if you really want to be involved, you could always come down to a beer meet, we have different meet everyday in different location of London (north, south, west, east) for those who live nearby, all you need to do is have the ability to rants, eat food and drink beers, look at the tabs at the top called 'Beers' for more information.

  • Thanks guys, I'll do that. Sorry for the assumption Wiganwill - I've been a lurker for a while so I generally know you dish it out to the guys you know and the Jonny Raus of this world but are nice to the noobs. I'll come down for a few bevvies then!

  • The freeload comment was aimed at my good friend Skully. You're more than welcome to read and use and add to this forum Paddy. And Hello!

    Repped for stalking. Or something.

  • Maybe we should have a civilian come along Skully so we can all take turns to tell you what you are doing wrong and pat each other on the backs. "Oh my, did you see how approached that junction! Just hilarious. Show him how to do it properly. Go on, show him, ha ha ha, take him to Level 2, ha ha ha"

  • I hope this ride will be brakeless, no helmets, i-pods in and phones on. No riding unless intoxicated. No stopping at red lights or pedesrian crossings.

    Then again (other than the i-pods) it would then be no diferent to any other forum ride.

  • If Skully joined the CT ride, it would look like every single CT is teaching Skully.


    good plan though from past CTUK trainers rides there's bound to be at least one crash as we all jostle for that primary position sweet spot

  • Someone IS bound to undertake just to show the rest of 'em how likely it is that someone will undertake. :)

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Cycle trainers ride

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