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  • seems to be pretty standard tamiya, the longer the chassis is around, the more weird versions of it you will find.

  • Cheers. May as well plump for the black edition then, cheaper, and with a few hop ups, although the red wheels (on the black edition?) will have to go.
    Also seems some discrepancy in the shell, bumph says it's painted black already, all the unboxing clips I've seen suggest it's unpainted, time will tell, hope it's unpainted.

    Edit: no point dithering, everything's been ordered, just gotta wait til end of Feb now.

  • Had a chat with Otley Modelsport on Tuesday, got home and ordered some bits, and they arrived today, great service, and fantastic customer support, didn't mind explaining stuff, as it's been 30yrs since I last raced rc, and gave honest opinions on what to (and not to) buy. Just waiting on buggy kit to be released and delivered.
    Quick question though, the antenna on the receiver is so short, what do you do with em, lie flat in the chassis, or have a little tube sticking up out of the shell?

  • Hah, the tiny antenna freaks me out, along with the lack of frequency crystals.

  • Getting there...

    This has actually been a really useful way to understand how it all goes together. Feels like the real thing should be more straightforward than it might otherwise have been. Planning to make a start this weekend.

  • What software are you modelling that in?

  • I nearly asked Otley about crystals, then realised everything was digital, tis the devil's work.

  • Apparently you only really need to lie it down in the chassis somewhere. The wavelength is so short it doesn't really matter.

  • Still freaked out by that Avanti chassis. Looks really weak where it should be strong.

  • Yeah, that was what I was going to try first, seen some running with no antenna tube, and some with, so figured either should work, just thought I'd ask here to see if there was a right/wrong way of doing it.

  • Well I guess for peace of mind you could make a short antennae but I been running mine loose in the boat and the performance range is fine.

  • What ever you want. It’s 2.4ghz so it doesn’t really matter

    It scans like 40 seperate bands to ensure that it finds a free one and only connects to that unique rx. I used to attach it to the servo cable to tidy it up

  • Yep it’s not a robust design. You are just supposed to gaze at it in awe.

  • Modelled and rendered in Modo. It's a bit niche.

  • I've seen a video of one snapped in half, can't find it now. It was launched into orbit off a quarter pipe followed by landing on concrete tho'.

  • Interesting. I will check it out.

  • Sounds like half of 'We Work' are on here or summat? :oP

  • Any reason to get a metal geared servo for a 4wd 1/10 model?
    Cheap 4kg servos are about £8 and metal ones are about triple the cost.

  • Prolly depends on the kit. If large dia tyres on 4WD then plastic servo gonna be pushed. If light steering on road car then prolly adequate.

  • Picked up a 9kg metal gear for £13 from Otley modelsport.

  • All this Tamiya talk is making me wanna sell a bike to find a kit

  • Only dipped in this thread to see what was going on with rc currently, now I've been sucked in, already looking at hop ups, and haven't even got my buggy yet. But hey, summat to do when not riding my bike.

  • sell a bike

    Woah, steady on!

  • Latest render :)

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  • Heh. That didn't take long...

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