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  • I was a few years before you as the Schumacher cars had just arrived at club level and where starting to decimate the opposition when I called quits.

  • Always found Kyosho and Schumacher more robust than Tamiya, able to withstand knocks and survive, rather than a bumper or strut tower snapping off.

  • Schumacher Cats were a force to be reckoned with. Looking at the detailed pics at Otley Modelsport (yeah, they’re still going!) I think they were very light and efficient compared to most stuff - there’s really nothing to them! I had an Optima as well and I remember it was quite a heavy car and although it handled very well the 4WD slowed it down quite a lot compared to a 2WD setup and it hammered the battery. I remember I ran mine in 2WD quite a lot of the time to speed it up.

  • Otley Modelsport

    And I’m 13 again! I lived in Wetherby.

  • Schumacher Cats were a force to be reckoned with. Looking at the detailed pics at Otley Modelsport (yeah, they’re still going!) I think they were very light and efficient compared to most stuff - there’s really nothing to them

    They wanted to build and sell racing cars at a point where everyone else was selling models that could be raced. I remember first seeing them and being blown away by their single mindedness.

  • My RC love started when I was 11 with a quick drive Monster Beatle. Was fairly shit so convinced mum to buy me a Tamiya Boomerang which was cool but the battery lasted about 5mins and the basic speed controller thing made zoom off out of control when ever the battery was about to die.
    But I loved pulling it all apart and it had oil filled coil overs which I used to pull apart as well.

    I bought a Tamiya road car off eBay about 10 years ago. The previous owner had set it up for drifting so it was fairly hard to control. Used it maybe 15 - 20 times mostly when drinking beers and practising parking it with friends in the living room.
    It then left it in the garden shed for the last 7 or so years. My friend who is into Nitro RCs desperately wanted to fix it up for some reason so I said he could have it.
    He then returned it for my birthday the other day as a complete surprise.
    He has modified the hell out of it with a new motor, battery, alloy drive shaft and God knows what else.
    It's insanely fast. No longer can I practice parking it while drinking beers, it's mental.
    Going to hopefully take it for a spin on a tennis court tomorrow while the kids are out.

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  • It's new shell my buddy painted for me.

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  • AE were this way too, love me an original RC10

  • Which chassis is that?

  • Has a Silvia sticker on it. Bout all I know.

  • /it is like fully sick.
    n love 2 cut and drop da roof like full gansta.z
    n'Fit sum beggah magz 4 rollin fastah?

  • It’s a TT-01 I’d say. They did them with a Silvia body as a kit originally

  • At the risk of boring everyone, I have a tt01 for sale with M3 body shell (painted) and a brand new one

  • Keep it simple stupid? Yeah we’ve heard of that

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  • Jesus! Really been sucked into this Tamiya lark. Just watched 3 super astute build videos, got as far as transmission onto chassis, and now can't find the rest of the build, I guess that would involve subscription to the guys YouTube channel.

  • Quite a few hours in and it’s only the gearboxes, prop shaft and rear wishbones. The articulation points for the rear wishbones are crazy / stupid to the point where the team drivers swapped them out for something less nuts.

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  • Twas a golden age of different ideas. Not many worked mind you and now all the buggies are basically the same

  • Here's the revised suspension layout of the factory car in 1990.

    Rear hubs are from the Madcap.

    all the buggies are basically the same

    To me every 2wd buggy that hasn't got a mid engine looks like a Losi XX.

  • Excellent. Meant to ask (or didn't read properly), what model is it?

  • Also... Why the esc got 5 outputs?

  • It's the factory racing Egress that some team drivers used. Wasn't sold - the original Egress hardly sold at all so an 'improved' version was never going to be a commercial winner. You could buy a replica kit to convert an Egress to this layout though at one point for a serious amount of money as all the parts had to be custom made.

  • Why the esc got 5 outputs?

    Three for the brushless and + ve and - ve for the battery.

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