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  • So many memories!

  • Twin sticks or wheel?

    Considering I'll be driving it around my garden/ local woods on my own.

    I'm leaning towards sticks as that's what I had as a lad with a shitty RC car.

  • I used twins in the 90s but went for trigger / wheel this time.

  • I'm probably going to go for a Grasshopper, with a wheel trigger.
    (Found an online store in Scotland selling an all in one kit for £110, which is insanely cheap as far as I can tell (will be throwing a few extra ££ on bearing upgrades and a fast charger)

    Not planning on getting serious, they look fun for buzzing about the garden/ park.

    Reckon I can attach a go pro to the top of it?

    @Howard thanks for your input, I appreciate it (if ignoring your comments on the retro reissues...)

  • I like the re-issue stuff, obvs, and I like the Hornet / Grasshopper, they look great. However even compared to the later 80s stuff they are so, so basic. I'd build one and chuck it in a cabinet, but if I wanted something to bash for similar money I'd go modern (yes and soulless) or re re monster truck with a comparatively hot motor and some LiPo batteries...

    Some people reckon the 2020 re re will be the Vanquish. How cool would that be...

  • Taken quite a while to get to this point.

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  • It is true to say the OG Tamiya kits are not designed for brushless conversion.

    I stripped the half shafts on my OG Monster Beetle with a stock brushed.

    You might be spending the same again + on 'extras...'

    The early Schumacher kits were actually much better racers.

  • £230 sheets...fo shit off shovel...

  • Fuck me, want!

  • I had one of these and raced it.

    Kyosho, TA, Losi and Schmacher all being better racers isn’t really a controversy - their box art and manuals were - relatively - shite though.

  • PB mini mustangs were in the mix too .. at least when I raced

  • This is so making me want to throw money at something. Not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out.

  • This thread isn’t helping me not buy another RC car

  • The TopForce reissue is banging. That’s a really great car and will take modern kit no problem. Not as spendy as Egress etc.

  • Yes, and y0u can still buy the OG tyres too.

  • As is the Dyna Storm

  • Wheel, you can get a decent 2.4ghz setup cheaps now. Get a Spektrum if you can

  • £230 sheets...fo great looking ornament.

    Disappointed as it looks great. Add £££ for decent motor, controls and battery for shit off shovel...

  • As is the Dyna Storm

    Can’t get them though. Closest is the 2019 Super Astute re re.

    You can just about make them from Astute bits and a 3D printer.

  • PB mini mustangs

    Not sure I ever spotted one of these in the flesh; everyone was racing Cats or ProCats when I started.

  • I started with a Tamiya Falcon, moved onto some 4wd Kyosho thing (maybe an optima), finally got a Schumacher Cat, and did my best racing indoor and outdoor with it.
    This thread makes we want another, possibly a Topcat.

  • Standard. 😎

    The Egress is double btw

  • The Cat XLS is a weapon. The Egress is art.

  • Well I have to say my heart is Tamiya.

    And this as you say is even cheaper than the Schumacher. 😎

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