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  • 30ish. i've geared up to 15/70 and its rapid.........

  • Kph or?

    That's the trick.

    I don't really care about the C9 as its a shitty kit.

    Not sure I want the CLK / Beetle / Fire Dragon any quicker.

    Don't want to damage the parts.

  • How do we fix this front downforce problem?

    Somebody? :o)

  • I believe this is to make it more drive-able as an rc

  • Well.

    I'm going the gear setup route next to break my speed record...

    Think I can stretch to a ridiculous pinion no.

    For le shit etc

  • How do we fix this front downforce problem?

    Joax aside, it might not be a front downforce problem. You have rear-loaded aero on that (deliberate or not) which means as you speed up you're probably starting to get downforce rearward of the rear axle. That unloads the front axle and makes the steering light. The front then loads up again unpredictably as the car slows back down. You could put your gps unit ahead of the front axle, but you're probably going to make it start to porpoise as a result. If you're going to put it anywhere, make a space for it in the middle of the car even if it's in the cockpit area.

    I've said it before, you should re-make that chassis pan without the holes, especially at the front and under the car. Cut it in as tight to the wheels as you can get it. You want it running a bit of rake, so slightly higher at the back than at the front. If you can get the middle part of that floor doing the bulk of the work for you, you'll be generating downforce in the middle of the car where it's predictable and with very little drag penalty. At the moment it's letting all that air spill into the car unpredictably and the big raise at the back is probably the only bit doing any work.

    Just Gaffer tape it up on the top surface for now to see if it works. Maybe put a fillet of Plasticine or tape round the front to seal it to the floor, to block the air from going into the body under the front.

  • Well yes...

    I think the spill tray is actually an important part as it creates a splitter / adds weight at the front and probably helps to stop the nose coming up...

    GPS weighs fuck all fyi


    According to the gear calculator I will probably see a 5 -20 % speed increase from the pinion increase.

    So knocking 50mph

    Will have to test it out and report back.

  • Removed the alu rear guard so hopefully lighter at the back also. Snazzy new clips too. Pinions in the post. 😎

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  • Have you checked its center of gravity with and without the GPS under the wing? Just curious how much difference it makes.

  • Speed meter weighs 41g

    I think the CoG will hardly move but will check...

  • God damn beaucoup! 😎 πŸ’ͺ

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  • Half throttle. 😬

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  • Cool 😎

  • Yeah the hub / gear / motor started warming up which it never used to.

    Might be getting into burnout territory like the boat.

    This is obvs geared down something like 1 to 4.

    Whereas the boat is direct drive.

    Still more strain on the motor though...

    Time limited runs and throttle trimming time.

  • Also put the rear guard back on as high chance of spilling into a wall...

    I think the extra horses will beat the extra weight anyho.

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  • Frikin other drive wheel rolled off into the sunset. Back to the araldite. 😎

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  • Well I'm happy with that...

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  • 49mph.

    Maybe with a bigger run off I could get to 50... 😎

  • Alu tray did its job this time tho... That'll buff out. 😎

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  • New boots / pinion upgrade fo this wan...

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  • Alu tray did its job this time tho... That'll buff out.


  • Heh. Actually the tray kept it on the deck this time.

    My driving however found the kerb. 😎

  • Scale speed is almost double too @ 585mph.

  • Hi guys
    I’m looking for something second hand and entry level. For outdoor use on grass. Anyone have anything spare?

  • My RC stuff seems to have survived our move - god knows when I’ll get to dick around with it again...

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