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  • Diff seems ok after replacing the plastic diff nut, that had bits of plastic thread hanging off it, must have over tightened it and stripped it.
    I know Tamiya is plastic fantastic, but surely that part should be steel.

  • I know Tamiya is plastic fantastic, but surely that part should be steel.

    I can tell you from experience that it's better to kill a plastic nut than it is to overtension then snap the diff screw :0)

  • True dat. Shapeways have shipped the gearbox casing, 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

  • Busy evening.

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  • Looks great.

  • Think this is the best place to post this. I’ve had these for ages and don’t know much about them. Want to move them on now. Any ideas of what they’re worth and/or anyone interested?

    Tamiya seems to have all the parts listed. Box is a bit battered. A few plastic bits have come loose from their frames.
    Drift RC worked fine the one time I used it. The battery and charger I bought new before using the car.


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  • The Drift wont be worth that much, oem brand from china.

    The Grasshopper though is an OG 1988 version, you can tell by the blister pack. Even in that condition its worth a bit. the Re-Release NIB goes for 15o-175 these days, so i would expect that to be worth 175 -200 tbh. Get it on Ebay.

  • Hmmm

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  • Not it's intended use I guess?

  • Thank you very much for the help. Great news. I'll get them posted up soon.

  • Not really....no

  • interesting masking technique.....

  • Gold

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  • Gold is airbrushes on using matte clear as a primer

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  • .

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  • Top work bud.

  • Tamiya PS paint hates liquid mask.

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  • Still looks good.

    In other news I know why my next build will be, always wanted a Vanquish as a kid.

  • always wanted a Vanquish as a kid.


    Pricing seems to indicate it might not be as plastic fantastic as it was

  • I'm going to get this with the sole intention of trolling @Fatberg

  • Ha! I had a 70s GMC van body on a stretched Mardave Ministock chassis back in the day. It actually handled pretty well because the longer chassis could take a 7.2V humpback pack lengthways down the middle rather than across it.

  • Sand Viper shell on DN01

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  • Ha! That’s way too hippie to trigger surfenger rage. I love hippies.

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