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  • Ah, so if I hold onto it my bank account will be happier ;)
    Fight the urge, fight it man.

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  • Flash bastard!

  • Incredible skills.

  • Been ragging this around Kensington Gardens when out with my son for his daily constitutional - we’ve attracted many children and more dogs with its excellent composure when drifting sideways across the grass at 35mph.

    It’s a lot of fun to drive and tracks dead straight.

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  • more dogs

    Picking up a few dogs for a chase is brilliant - especially some of the really keen terriors or spaniels!

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  • That is looking very nice. A vast improvement from your fried egg paint job, fine work fella.
    As an aside, did you buy the gear diff parts, and Cy's gearbox ? If so, is it a simple job to transplant?

  • Very nice work!

  • I like Big Bores and I cannot lie.

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  • Thanks!

    As an aside, did you buy the gear diff parts, and Cy's gearbox ? If so, is it a simple job to transplant?

    I haven’t yet no. But it should be. The problem is the diff is spendy if anything. The rest is a direct replacement.

    Diff is on tamico and comes up on eBay from time to time.

  • I've ordered his gearbox, because the lead time is longish, production 6 August, then however long it takes to ship, presume they come from Europe, as checkout was in Euros.

  • Oh, forgot to add,
    image hosting

  • Nice! What tyres are those?

  • Gotta do the pair of gold stripes next.

    The colour is Ti. Gold but Tamiya don’t do that as a PS paint so I’m going to put some Matte Clear down as a primer then use TS paint through the airbrush.

    Hold me.

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  • Your spray jobs really have come on very nicely, don't think I have the patience/vision to attempt it.
    The tyres are Schumacher Honeycomb yellow compound.

  • Nice, love the colour

  • Holy Crap parts are due this week! i may actually have a finished truck by the weekend!

  • i may actually have a finished truck by the weekend!


  • there is still time for them to be stuck in customs for an indeterminate length of time, so i'm not holding my breath

  • As we're not allowed to use potty language over on TC, I'll do it here. Fookin wanky ball diffs!
    All was going well with initial test run, then loss of acceleration, overheating, nope, slipping diff, yup, won't tighten now!
    Gonna strip it tomorrow, have a look see.
    Sod the expense, gear diff is getting ordered tonight.
    Twating ball diffs!

  • ahhh damn, they can be a bugger to get right but great when they work

  • Mine always work.

    Only one I ruined was an Astute one in 1988 or something.


    @jontea it's probably melted the plastic nut that tightens the whole thing. If it's slipped enough the diff plates will melt too and the balls and plates will be toast as well.

    When they die they die big.

    The TA06 gear diff or whatever it is will be much better though, fit and forget.

  • Ordered one, hopefully it'll turn up, coming from HK.
    The diffs in my DF03 run fine, I set this up just the same, will have a look this evening.

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