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  • Hah he didn’t get to build them!

    They tend to be left out of his reach

  • Omg it actually went outside

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  • Looking good.

  • Bought myself a silly trick kit as a basher, hardly anything in stock anywhere though

  • It goes better when you’ve reversed the rear hubs from the backwards orientation you mistakenly built it with

  • Pink DN01 wheels arrived

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  • Enjoying reading ’Master Modeler, creating the Tamiya Style’, a book I picked up at the Tamiya store in Tokyo.

    Mr. Tamiya bought an actual full size Porsche 911 in 1976 to get accurate scale reference to build a great Porsche 934 model. The project went well over budget and the mould cost several 10s of million yen. The resulting model was superb but didn’t sell brilliantly.

    One day, noticing an accounts employee in the car park, had added a motor and batteries to a F1 car model - he had the idea. Why not repurpose the Porsche model as a Radio Control car to try and recoup the expensive production process. The resulting RC Porsche sold very well.

    On a later trip to California Mr. Tamiya saw the dune buggies that were popular in the 70s and decided they would make a great basis for even better RC cars.

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  • Superb. 😎

  • awesome

  • I thought I would post here before doing anything else. My wee fella (11 3/4) hasn't got much interest in his RC cars any more and is debating selling them.. I'm trying to gauge interest and general pricing. he has the following:

    Tamiya lunchbox... ball raced, Sport tuned motor.. general condition OK. broken windscreen, two body clips broke and missing the spring to stop the rear axle floating about. comes with 3-4 batteries and all acoms gear. boxed with instructions.

    Traxxas Slash - 2wd version.. comes complete with battery, radio gear, mains and 12v charger.. it's the edition with the speaker which generates noise linked to the throttle..

    Land rover defender crawler.. complete, body has a few cracks and gearbox is a bit whiny..

    Any idea on pricing or interest before I offer up to ebay as it's £1 value fees at the minute..

  • Is the land rover a traxxas one? The trx4? I might be interested, but would depend on price

  • No, it's a chinese one.. quite good though.. locked diffs etc

  • Cool - thanks. I'll pass this time - good luck with selling!

  • Face off. 😎 💪

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  • Did a TRF201 flame purple fade job.

    Airbrushing technique improving but this one was a bit of a challenge as, in a quirk of fate, I managed to apply the liquid mask too thick AND the backing silver went down too thick.

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  • Avante gets out at last. Slightly filthy fun at Ally Pally.

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  • That’s ruined now. The sensible option would be to give it to me ;)

  • Dust tray works well.

  • I unruined it tho'.

    Reckon the novelty of doing that every time it gets a bit mucky will soon wear off.

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  • Considering selling all my rc gear (probably regret it, but considering another bike project, and apart from my soul, I have little else to sell), much interest in a Tamiya TRF 201, hobbywing powered, lipo energised, Savox steered, buggy bundle? Would be after £300 for everything including plenty of spares, transmitter, charger, spare (unpainted) shell and wing.

    Did you sell this in the end?

  • No did I fook, didn't do an ad, didn't lift a finger to even approach selling it, it's still sat on the table in the corner of my lounge. Still thinking about it, can't rush these things.

  • What was the spec on the electrics?

  • Absima sr2s 2 channel tx, 3 channel rx.
    Savox SC 1258 servo
    Hobbywing xr10 60A justock brushless esc
    Hobbywing xerun 3650 10.5t brushless motor
    4000mah 2s lipo batteries

  • Would you sell the roller and spares / body?

  • Will have a think this week, let you know.

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