How To Lock Your Bike

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  • Curious they mention finish line lube, I’ve always just used WD40 and the lightest chain lube I’ve got handy. Figure it needs to be light and clean to avoid gumming up the works.

    We have 3 kryptos: standard grey d-lock < Evo 7 orange d-lock < NY FU chain. Never had an issue with the lock on the chain, except maybe the key not going in all the way a couple of times. That sounds like what’s happening to you. It’s also a much more common occurrence with the standard grey d-lock.

    I have a embedded muscle memory of inserting the keys and turning it a few degrees each way just to make sure it’s all the way in. Usually if it looks strange it’s because it hasn’t gone into the last disc.

    Edit- do the edges on your key feel smooth? They do on my better locks, but not on the cheapest. If I were you I’d give the lock a solid second of WD40 straight into the keyhole.

  • I sometimes end up spending 5 minutes fiddling with the lock ... once I gave up after 10m and walked to my destination and came back a few hourrs later to try again. Does feel like they just reach an impossible point eventually. but maybe i'm harsh on my locks ... have been using GT85 ... maybe thats the issue

  • Oil vs grease vs dry might be this: If you’ve ever used oil in your lock barrels, you’ve probably noticed it’s very effective but it leaves oil on your key. That means potentially oily fingers and pockets. Grease is good at keeping water out, but does not flow, so it’s difficult to get it to disperse in a lock. It also hardens, depending on the grease. Dry lube, if you can get it onto the internal surfaces, should stay put and should stop seizing. It ought to mean no oily fingers etc too.

    I’ve got a couple of the cheaper Krypto D locks which are around 10 years old. They used to seize up from time to time until I started putting a couple of drops of oil in the lock barrel and on the mech. I just use chain lube. Remember WD-40, Plusgas etc are mostly penetrating fluids. They do lubricate a bit and they’ll free off a stick lock, but they mostly evaporate away. You need something that’s going to stay in there.

  • Hey folks, wanted to pick your collective brains.

    Looking to get some good, heavy duty, lock protection for my bikes while inside my garage.

    So my plan at the moment is two concrete floor mounted motorcycle anchors with a long bad ass chain to go through the frames.

    But what chain can I get that is both unable to be easily cut by decent bolt cutters and long enough to fit? Or any other neat suggestions?

    This is the set up (there will be another bike on another hanger soon squeezed in that space between the two 'pillars')

  • Graphite powder is good for indoor locks.

    Dry Teflon lube is fine Teflon powder in a carrier solvent.

    Teflon grease is grease with Teflon in it

    One of my locks lives outside on an uncovered bike stage stand year round. It's got waterproof grease in the central mechanism but wiped off the the exposed areas (like the ends of the u) so it doesn't get everywhere.

  • That’s a lock !

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  • Pragmasis chains are probably amongst the best.

    Massive and heavy though.

    I used to commute with a NYFagh d lock and a 14mm chain which weighed a ton. Bike never got nicked though, although this could be because it looks a right old dogs dinner

  • I think your pic failed to load.

  • Inventive

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  • smallest bike i think i've ever seen locked up, locked up as well as can be without any real places to loop your chain through

  • Anyone had the Amazon basics d lock? Seems to get good reviews

  • Just searched for locks to get a recommendation for a lock for the wee man's bike (next size up from this). Ideally a combination lock so various adults can open it.

  • Interesting account of getting scooter retrieved via Apple Airtags­1645483966466

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How To Lock Your Bike

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