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  • Yeah I did thanks. Didn't buy anything practical - ended up with a CAAD10...and a beater Fuji track. Was out with the dark horse flyers club tonight so all settling in well!

  • I'm hopefully heading to Toronto this week, hoping to rent a bike, are there any that don't ask for extortionate amounts of cash? They seem to want a dowry for a daily bike rental

  • Sorry for the dredge but we are thinking of moving to t dot next year, what's its like for cycling? Someone I work with referred to Toronto as the armpit of Canada, but partner has family in North York and has Canadian citizenship so etc.

  • I’ll be back there in 6 weeks. Initially might not seem great for cycling but:

    • plenty of great gravel just outside the city, some easily accessible by GO train;
    • Road rides are fine once you get out a bit but also some fun inner city loops;
    • A remarkable amount of off road paths in the city, you can do a decent casual loop without going near cars;
    • CX and MTB trails in the Don Valley. I only rode cross last time I was living there but I’m bringing the MtB this time and can’t wait;
    • Good local club scene if you are into that kind of thing;
    • A bunch more cycle paths have been installed in the last few years, though there are tram tracks so beware!
    • It doesn’t snow as much as the rest of Canada, so it is feasible to cycle all winter.

    Not sure what “armpit” means, but can only assume it’s a compliment as I love the place. Otherwise I wouldn’t be moving back!

  • Yea I think the armpit dig was referring to the fact there are other beautiful parts of the country, I mean he was Canadian but tbf he looked like a wizard and didn't cycle.

    Interesting what you say about the snow there as I was wondering about commuting. Quick Google of Toronto mtb and it looks like there are some nice routes i've only ever done some pretty chilled cycling around High park and the waterfront before.

    I'm with you on loving the place, I just thought it was more accessible than London in a way, perhaps some of that has to be being and outsider but I thought people were very friendly. Does feel a bit daunting to be honest, finding work, moving all our stuff, sorting out the visa stuffs although I did one for her to get here so it cannot be much worse than that. Anyways appreciated dude, good luck with the move back, are there any affordable/reasonably priced area to live downtown ish anymore?

  • Caveats: First, Toronto is awesome. Two, I grew up there and family is still there/around there. Three, I've not lived there in two decades (fuck), although I'm back for pretty long stretches every year or two.

    I just thought it was more accessible than London in a way, perhaps some of that has to be being and outsider but I thought people were very friendly.

    That'll pass. In terms of accessibility, everything functions around "down town", so it's great if you're there or near, but not very accessible to do fun things otherwise. London is better with one not having to schlep your way over to soho or Oxford Circus all the time (ever). (although what's considered "Down Town" in Toronto has grown pretty massively over the years).

    In terms of friendliness: Canadians are generally pretty nice people. But Toronto does suffer from big fish, small pond syndrome. Lots of posturing which can get tiring. I hope you like hearing that you live in a world class city! Probably the best city in the best country in the world! So lucky! Fuck Vancouver, too many hippies! And Montreal? French? Mais non!

    Btw, Montreal is truly one of the coolest cities in the world.

    Anyways appreciated dude, good luck with the move back, are there any affordable/reasonably priced area to live downtown ish anymore?

    Not really an answer, but a huge suggestion: don't - DON'T - move to North York or any part of suburban Toronto.

  • Just to add, a lot of people (including friends) have had to leave Toronto for Hamilton. So if you're really priced out, that's where I'd look. But it's not Toronto. I guess it would be a bit like moving to Margate here.

  • V interesting ta. It's hard to figure out from afar what it's like there now. Last time we were there was pushing 10 years ago, I think I know what your trying to say about fish. Partner used to rent a flat in the junction which we both really liked it there, Roncesvalles, beaches, high park/junction are all places that we kind of got our eyes on, although work will be a big factor in where we go, I'm thinking it might also be a good opportunity for me to say 'fuck you' to working in TV and doing something different. I've never been to Montreal but my wife says she saw people stroke raccoons there 👀

  • I really like the junction (and roncesvalles). There's a bike path from up there down to little Portugal, running next to the airport train track. I think it's supposed to go further at some point I think. Maybe it has? So pretty good location for getting into town.

  • Think I've done that route before, remember stopping at some little bike shop in the junction with a nice colagno in amongst the jumble, Margarets bar also was great, remember being weired out by the lcbo and not being able to get a beer at the corner shop, seems like its easier to get a joint there these days than a beer to take home.

  • LCBO weirded me out at first too, but there's more beer stores now and then I also spent a lot of time getting my beers direct from the breweries. The breweries are one of the things I am most excited about to be honest!

    Affordability obviously means something different to everyone, but having lived in Toronto, London and Dublin the last 5 years and now going back to Toronto, it is far more affordable. This is partly because my salary is higher in Toronto! Condos are cheap right now if you want glass and views but are not exactly bike friendly!

    Roncesvalles, beaches, high park/junction - all on our list too. To be honest my priorities are: not too far from Don Valley trails (so max 8km), close to a decent brewery and with space to work on the bikes!

  • Hey, @idealstandard and I will be in Toronto in a few weeks and would love to have bikes to get around the city while we're there. Anywhere we can rent them for a good chunk of time? We'll be in the city for about 6 weeks seeing family before heading west to seek our fortunes.. Thanks

  • Pretty sure this is going to be lockdown rules dependent sadly! I am not sure if anywhere does long term rentals, specially given the epic bike shortage of this year! Hopefully someone can correct me as I’ve not been back long.

  • The Toronto bike market is crazy at the moment, even worse than usual. A Dolan Pre-Cursa that would sell for £200-250 on here, sells for $600-800 on the Toronto Fixed Gear Classifieds fbook group. Renting a decent bike within the city isn't possible at the moment, unless you're able to make an appeal on aforementioned fbook group.

    Good luck.

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