Which Bibs?

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  • Anyone got / used a pair of Sportful Fiandre? Seem like a good, cheap alternative to Pro Team Thermal bibs...

  • I looked in the


    thread, and now I feel dirty.

    I will neverevereverevereverever wear this sausage smuggling obscene garment, you lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • insert jpg of fat dude in bibshorts and sandals

  • ....

    Nah, I've sorted out my seat situation and have dialled in the rest of the bike very nicely indeed. No more chafing issues or similar.
    Only thing left to sort out are actual sitbones that start complaining after 4 hours +. Just at the two respective points of direct contact. Not really something that can be solved with chamois cream so a better pad is my next variable.

  • .... Or a better positioned pad.

    Which is something you're likely to get from a nicer bib. The endurance orientated assos are nice.

  • @starfish&coffee - the saddle plays a key role in the position and comfort of your pad. Might be worth thinking about changing the x axis of your saddle, and see if that helps

  • So what's your actual question? Whether to buy Assos or DHB?

    Smallfurry makes a good point about pad position, but I'm not sure how much of that is pricing or brand preference.... And you'd need to buy and ride whatever bib well past the return date to find out.

    I'd spend what you can afford. Over time it won't be a huge cost. No one ever seems to complain about Assos bibs.

    I haven't actually used either brand. I have a pair of Rapha cx bibs and a pair of Santini Edge. I think the Rapha are a bit nicer, but honestly the Santini bibs performed fine when I toured on them (c.70km - 100km a day) and for the price are pretty much faultless. The only possible negative is the aesthetics of the elastic on the bottom of the legs. So if you want another option that's in-between Assos and DHB, there you go.

  • Any DHB bibs I own have been relegated to commuting/turbo duties as the pads seem to have compressed over time, to the point they feel very thin and are not great for longer rides. My first pair of Assos shorts are still going strong after three years.

  • Cheers, exactly the sort of answer I was looking for. I suppose thickness of pad matters little if it squashes over time. And never thought of pad position to be honest, so thanks smallfurry.

  • Got the Assos Centos as per your recommendations and using them a lot on the turbo these days. I'll give a more extended verdict if anyone's interested.

    Now looking for a more budget friendly second pair.
    Does anyone know the Giro Ride bibs? Reasonably prised at my LBS.

  • This thread title still annoys me.

    Looking for a pair of budget(ish) bibs to replace my DHB Aeron and happened to get an email from Prendas detailing these:

    Anyone use them?

  • The pad on my DHB Aeron bibs feels a bit thin for long rides. Sit bones feel sore. I've got a ride of 200k coming up soon and looking for alternatives. What good bibs with a decent pad would people recommend ? Probably mid-range in terms of price point. Thanks

  • Morvelo. Don't know what it is with DHB shorts but they ride up to become hot pants after 5 mins on me.

  • My comfiest bibs are probably La Passione.

  • Will check those out, thanks.

  • In answer to my above question three years ago; nope, Giro bibs are not that great really.
    Perfectly decent design, the fabric has good durability and faultless stitching, but the pad died far too soon.

  • My current favourite bibs are a pair of Santini Edge 2.0. What I like about them is the relatively subtle, non obtrusive padding. A very good pairing with my SMP saddle.

    But as it seems that model has been discontinued, would anyone know which of the current Santini's is the closest equivalent? Thin padding all the way for me.

  • I’d email the guys at Prendas - they know their Santini ;)

  • Yep. Answer seems to be that the NAT pad lives on!

  • I saw Prendas recommend these GSG bibs (yeah, I'd never heard of them either), however all sizes were out of stock. I happened to see that Merlin stock the same shorts and were £20 cheaper.
    The pad is so comfortable, really grippy legs and the lycra has kind of a weave pattern/design which feels really nice, Italian made. Same price as the budget Decathlon jobs, but they feel like my various Rapha Pro Team bibs in quality.

  • Good find. Decent price as well so at least they're not too much of a risk.

  • Sounds interesting. What is sizing like?

  • Even cheaper again on eBay but only certain sizes left: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GSG-Pordoi-Ly­cra-Sport-Cycling-Bib-Shorts-/3810294871­07

    Edit: photos look different though, so might not be the same

  • Really rate my castelli volo, though they are summer weight. Looking for something going into autumn, any recommendations?

  • GSG used to make the Tokyo fixed stuff back in the day. If things are still the same, good fit (tight) and nice compression, but average longevity

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Which Bibs?

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