V-brakes with drops

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  • Does anyone know of any brake levers of the type used with drop handlebars that pull enough cable to use with V-brakes? I've got a pair of the orginal XT V-brakes (with the parallelogram action) and I'd love to put them on my road bike, which is a Thorn, currently using anonymous canti's.

  • Thanks Mattster - have you used them with V-brakes? If so, what model of brake?

  • They come stock on the Tricross so just crappy Tektro ones that came on that. But the pull is the same for all V-brakes so will work fine with XT's

  • Yeah, I have those^
    not great tbh and might be worth getting some kind of adjustable brake pipe (noodle) so you can tension the cable finely.

  • My cross runs Campy with Tektros just fine.

  • Maybe I'll just pick up a pair of those levers, set it up and see how it goes... I'm riding a lot with a trailer with about 5 1/2 stone of girls in it at the moment and there's a lot of hills to go down; with the girls on the back it somehow seems more important to be able to actually, definitely stop when I want to...

  • I have the Tektro 520s, pulling some Deore Vs. The set-up works really well. I use this bike to pull the kiddie trailer (also down some major hills), with heavily loaded panniers, as well as to commute through a nordic winter. So it's been thoroughly tested. Dia-comp also do a pair of V compatible road levers. The Dia-comps come with metal pipes to better guide the cable around the bend of the hood/bar, and are thus considered better (I havent tried them though).



    My utility bike with the Tektros (fully winterised).

  • That's a very cool utility bike, Smallfurry! I'm ordering a pair of the Tektro 520's. Looking forward to proper stopping power on wet roads this winter...

  • Anybody ever tried the Cane Creek version (drop V levers)? They look very similar to the Tektro’s and are more than double the price but look as though they might be a bit more comfortable.

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V-brakes with drops

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