Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • I'm still doing no mow May and after getting a shitty passive aggressive note about my lawn through the door from my busy-body neighbours over the road I am mulling over turning it into "no mow 2022".

  • Wtf. Post some passive aggressive information back about the ecological crisis and the importance of biodiverse gardens.

  • We had some slightly snotty comments when we were finally doing it - they suggested we use a scythe?

    …may actually have just been good advice as the mower butchered it

  • I tried - used the highest setting on the mower, but that obviously wasn’t that high compared to the foot or so the grass had grown to!

  • There's no point.

    They are the worst kind of boomers, won't listen to anyone elses opinion as it's automatically wrong.

    They're very vocal brexiteers, it took me all of 5 minutes to realise that this comes from deep seated racism.

    She got chucked out of the local WI a couple of years ago because they had a wine tasting evening, she got pissed and started spouting off theories about the pros of the Nazis and eugenics.

    No one sees them any more anyway; a Sikh family moved in next door to them and very quickly realised what a nasty peice of work she is, she won't come out of her front door if they're in their driveway so now they invite the whole family round and have BBQs on the driveway sometimes lasting the whole weekend.

  • Blimey, were do you folks live, the USA?

  • Near Ruislip.

  • Posted that before I saw the Nazi revelations, btw ^

  • I thought you were more South Bucks, Denham Green?

  • so now they invite the whole family round and have BBQs on the driveway sometimes lasting the whole weekend.

    Love this!

  • I am but if you say that to most people you get blank stares so near Ruislip (>2miles) or Uxbridge (~3miles) and people are able to get a good idea.

  • If the lawn gets very long it's strimmer or scythe.

    I'll be getting a scythe as nobody can see me using it in the back garden like a total beginner with no clue 😁

  • Looking good 👌

  • My no mowing is definitely going to turn into a permanent thing. Need to keep an area mowed for the dog shitting, but other than that, let the nettles commence.

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  • What is that geodesic dome thing about? More pics?

  • This is great. Is the roof double-skinned? Do you get issues with condensation?

  • Yes, corrugated clear on top of the rafters, hollow clear below the rafters. Even in the depths of winter it heats up to 20c with a few rays of sunshine. In the last week I’ve clocked it at 45c - definitely prop the door open!

    No condensation whatsoever.

    I love my shed!

    Really good tip is to design a shed with windows so scrotes can look in, and a very strong door with a proper lock (not a hasp and padlock). Then put anything valuable in the carefully planned blind spot. Almost every single shed on our site was broken into a few months ago (we think they were trying to find machetes or something?). Mine was the only locked shed not to be broken into (even if they did trample a flower bed as they peered through the windows).

  • It’s a kit from buildfromhubs I bought it on kickstarter circa 2016. The kids used it as a playhouse/dome, when they were younger. I built it with chestnut I got locally. Their instagram shows quite a range of uses people find for them.

  • Cheers.

    I think there needs to be something darker and more vibrant green at the back. Thinking of a camellia.

    There is a Japanese laural(sp?) that's looking pretty sad and I can't see it coming back, so possibly scrap that.

  • In addition to the three hedgehog houses in the back garden, I've recently added a hedgehog feeding station. However, someone has found my secret stash of hedgehog food in the garage. Really need to put those shelves up to put it behind reach.

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  • Peony time!

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  • Hope those tyres have puncture protection 🦔

  • Hyper Voyagers so yes, I think they'll handle some gentle hedgehog action!

  • Camellia are a great shrub, early flowers and lots of them.

    The neighbours have them here, they do get sun so not sure if they do in a dark corner.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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