Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Bamboo is for life, not just for Christmas.

  • Bamboo is in a pot.

  • So close. Unfortunately my assistant has a headache, so I can't do the final adjustment and fix the slide and steps.

    Bit self centered, but I'm really disappointed as I just wanted it done today so I could start planning the plants.

    Also need to paint the fence.

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  • Don't bother with roundup from BQ. Get hold of some Barclay Gallup or the professional roundup. The pro stuff is 360g/l Vs 9g/l.

  • And bear in mind that glyphosate is a carcinogen.

    Edit: is probably a carcinogen.

  • In occupational levels of exposure, if you are painting it on some leaves in the garden I'd be more wary of spilling it into waterways, or getting it in your eyes.

  • Yes, that's fair.

    I have been much more cautious with it since all the law suits came to light. But yeah, those guys were spraying thousands of litres of it for decades.

  • Any recommendations for shed installers (make base and build shed)?
    We used dartford portable buildings a few years ago and they were decent
    But would ideally like somewhere a bit cheaper

  • my bamboo has been super #horny this year - the new growth is so tall !

  • Chuffed with a couple of our raised beds

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  • Nice job. My hostas are also looking good, less slugs so far this year.

  • Assuming you have basic tooling then do it yourself? Neighbour just spent £750 on a shed, all untreated pine, base in contact with the soil. I give it three years.

    Mine is suspended above metposts on pressure treated timber. Has recycled double glazing, insulation and a triple clear plastic glazed roof, door like a cathedral and a porch over the entryway.

    I believe about £250 in materials. I give mine 50 years of ‘comfortable place to sit with a podcast and a book’.

  • I used Ace Sheds. But I did get a concrete base poured separately.­69/

    Reasonably priced.

  • Sounds great! But I've got a house "to do" list that's gonna keep me busy for another year at least...
    Did you consider using those ground screw things instead? A former neighbour used them for his outdoor office. I'm thinking about using them for a small area of decking in the middle of the garden.

  • Wow your shed is amazing...
    Ace Sheds' website says August for delivery - was hoping for a bit sooner but haven't checked elsewhere yet

  • Yeah, it did take some time for mine to arrive too.

  • This sounds awesome - do you have photos of it?

  • This sounds awesome - do you have photos of it?

  • Now just needs some more plants.

    Gonna wait a little to see how it gets used and where the high traffic areas are.

    Before shot

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  • Hehe!

    Rainy Friday morning;

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  • A cargo bike, a keg, a compost bin, so much win here.

  • Sooo… after doing some “no mow May” and then mowing the lawn last weekend, i realise we’ve taken too much off and lots of patches seem to be yellow / dying. Is there anything we can / should do or is it likely to recover if we leave it?

  • It'll recover. Yellowing is mainly lack of light.

  • Ah OK that makes sense - will give it some time! hopefully it is enjoying this rain too

  • Obvs too late for this time but I do a cut on the highest setting after letting it grow.

    Then if you want to get it short, progressive shorter cuts a week or more apart.

    I'm leaving mine at the highest cut height for the time being.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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