Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Cheers, when I looked at ecobases they only seem to come in fairly large sizes for standard sheds. Can you get smaller ones anywhere?

  • Acers looking particularly good this year. Awaits the sun scorch…

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  • Planted an olive tree yesterday, after spending a lot time enriching the soil with lots and lots of cow shit.

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  • I think I found places that sell them in custom sizes. I used ProBase recently, not from that site, but they sell individual ones. Cut them to size along the angled fence. They are 50x50cm.

    That said, I would probably just use a paving slab or two. Neater and more solid for something that probably doesn't need much support.

  • Don't olive trees like poor and stony soil (Mediterranean)?

  • Apparently will grow pretty much anywhere, will soon find out!

  • My lawn! My lawn! Not only did next door’s dog attack our chickens, it’s also ruined the beautiful straight edges of the relatively new lawn.

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  • glow up

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  • Nice! I’d put a stone in by the whirlydry thing once the worn grass indicates where it needs to be

  • Could a hedgehog get through?

  • Probably several hedgehogs at the same time.

  • On the Isle of Sheppey visiting my dad. He took me to his local garden centre where I've come away with a bonsai acer.

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  • Missed this.

    Ebay. You can buy individual tiles. They can also be sawn down to size - you just need to plan the interlocking sections so you don't cut off the interlocking bits you need (if that makes sense?).

  • Got a caper spurge going nuts here. Apparently quite toxic, got a cat and a toddler so would like to get rid. How do I get rid of it? Roots are apparently crazy deep. I’ve never used weed killer but would consider for this.
    (Ignore everything else, we’re leaving it all till later this year / next year)

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  • ^ A very efficient producer and distributor of seeds. The seed pods explode when ripe showering seeds over a wide area.
    I reckon it took me 3-4 years to ensure all the seedlings were uprooted before they could flower.
    Don't remember the roots being a particular problem, but the milky sap is.
    Wear suitable protective gloves to ensure zero skin contact.

  • Thanks – What do you think to rubble sack over the whole thing and dig it out? Not too worried about next year as we’re probably having the whole thing redone

  • Ah, I've just discovered what that huge weed thing is growing at the back of my garden. Popped up last year.

    Edit - looks like I should take action before any seeding happens.

  • (Ignore everything else, we’re leaving it all till later this year / next year)

    If you want it gone I reckon you might as well start now rather than later just by chopping it down and getting rid. Killing it off totally can wait, but you may as well be ahead of the game.

  • Yeah a guy I used to share a garden with planted some of those, was forever digging them up for years later. Would definitely hack it down now before the seeds go flying all over the shop.

  • Check out my plums

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  • Garlic needs to get a wiggle on. I want the space

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  • Would suggest loosening the soil around the stem with a fork, rubble sack over the top, pull root straight out, if necessary snap stem, avoid any sap, to ensure it fits well down into the sack.

  • My bearded Iris' looking good this morning.

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  • I thought my wildflower bee orgy area would reseed itself. Last year it was super diverse.

    Looks like Ox Eye daisies are the Borg of the flower world…..

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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