Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Ha, it’s not as even as it looks there so don’t think you’ve got competition yet!

  • looks good come do mine next

  • Will I need a passport?
    Bit scared to pass beyond the m25.
    Can bring olives and orange wine (will trade for chippie sauce).

  • Made a bit of a dry stone wall thing today and transplanted bay trees from a wooden planter they had been in for about 6 years- totally root bound!

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  • So to go along with the random courgette plant , it now looks as if we’re growing random tomatoes

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  • I suggest that you keep those bay trees trimmed—they can grow big when left alone. Really big.

  • I’ve got two palm trees I bought that we’re severely pot bound. I’ve taken off the excess roots and repotted. I’m considering bring them in over winter does this seem like a decent idea?

  • If I plant grass seed today what’s the chances of it surviving and getting going?

    Reckon I’ve left it too late. But it’s just to fix some patches so guess I have not too much to lose by trying.

  • Nice one! I need to do this stuff but I’m kinda intimidated by it.

  • We sowed some stuff that reckoned it would germinate down to 8 degrees about a month ago, it's sprouted... As you say worst that can happen is nothing.

    Can you pin some clear plastic down over the top to try and get a bit of a greenhouse going on?

  • I think four weeks ago was probably a great time to plant! It's been quite mild and nice and wet. I just left it too long :(

    Good shout re trying to create a little greenhouse.

  • Cheers buddy! It was oddly easier than expected so far, but let’s see.
    Of course I planned it all out in Figma.

  • Probably too late as frosts are starting but as you say very little to lose. Shouldn’t take you long, unless you have a substantial lawn

  • Someone on this thread made a very clever path out of gravel boards. Searched but can't find any pictures, anyone got it to hand?

  • The gravel boards were @chrisbmx116

    Maybe check the interior design thread too.

  • Patio rather than path but there are quite a few hits for that term in that thread


  • Thanks, maybe I imagined the path. I wish there was a way to just view images from a thread

  • I'm sure I remember that too. Maybe it was someone else?

    Probably after the date Chris posted that ^ one.

    Not quite a path

  • @cozey did a grassy gravel board path, I think?

    Edit: this -­

  • Would be curious to see what this currently looks like.

  • pretty much the same though now with added shed, whirligig, slightly longer grass, and a smattering of weeds in the borders

    gardener never did come back

  • I’m just finishing laying a path of gravel boards cut in half. Laid them a bit low and quite tight so prob going to look Shit until a season of growth between them. Will post pics.

  • This is them looking messy. Need to tidy lots up and plant a bit more gubbins in between…

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  • Nice one, thanks. That last one would look great with some mind your own business amongst the boards, if you could stop it invading the whole garden

  • The rockery plants section in the garden centre is a good place to look.

    Depending on how fussed you are you could scatter fine gravel in between. Things would still grow in and through, but I'd neaten it up and reduce mud in the meantime.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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