Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • What do you do with the stakes? I ave bindweed but I'd like to not have bindweed.

  • From other places on the web I've learnt that you need to:
    Let the bindweed grow up the stakes, rather than plants.
    Once you have a decent length of leafage, pull out stakes.
    Put the bindweed growth in binbags without breaking it from roots.
    Liberally apply glyphosate 360g/l.

  • I hate bindweed.

  • Yes.

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  • Sheds. Any recommendations for the best quality/value shed make/brand?

  • I think there's a sheds thread somewhere on here.

  • Did this to the Holly tree. Can I take another foot or so off without killing it?

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  • IME, yes. Holly seems happy to regrow from a stump.

  • Does anyone have any opinions on the Stihl KombiSystem tools? After maybe chainsaw, hedge trimmer and strimmer attachment. Probably go for a petrol based one unless that's a big no no.

  • I have the Stihl battery tools (they’re great!)but not the kombisystem so not sure I’ll be much help but failing all else I can try!

  • Have also heard very good things about stihl battery mower and chainsaw from a neighbour. The mower is on my to buy list for when the corded flymo packs up.

    Edit - no wait, he’s got stiga stuff, sorry, both yellow and I’m easily confused!

  • +1 Holly is very hard to kill.

  • shed technology. finally

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  • Plant ID help please - what are these?

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  • Korean Rose? And four o’clock flower

  • ^^ Second one is Marvel of Peru / Mirabilis jalapa, according to google image search.

  • Korean Rose?

    That could well be it - thanks!

    [Edit] For both. Cheers!

    I now have two holes in a border that can be filled

  • I just used the picture this app rather than claiming to be a horticultural savant 🙂

  • Too late to move a young Fern?

    I think I underestimated how much light they'd need.

    I've moved the other one that was next to it and it's looking better. But unsure if I've missed the boat on this one.

    (sorry for the awkward pic)

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  • Trying to sort out the last bits of my garden and the weather isn’t really helping.
    Laying a path of gravel boards tomo and tackling the patio at the back next weekend with the same thing brick pavers everyone uses.
    Never done paving before. Should be fine.

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  • the first one looks like a hibiscus

  • Went for it.

    Possibly a bit close to the back right one ([name?] , but I can always move it again. Especially as that one has perked up hugely since the move.

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  • The hot lips looks like it’s done well! You could divide that up in to a few small roots and repot ready to plant more next year

  • Does anyone have plant suggestions for that will soak up a decent amount of water in winter?

    Other requirements/considerations:

    • sits on boarder with neighbours
    • North facing
    • clay soil



    For background I'm looking at making a French drain to run from the gutter of my shed to a bed on the opposite side which curiously always seems comparatively dry. I assume it's the plants already there so was thinking of adding to it.

    I don't want to build a proper soakaway because reasons. And the correct solution of running it to the gutters is not viable right now as it would require breaking up and replacing a section of concrete.

  • You will want something evergreen if you need it to be consuming water in winter. I think bigger leaves = more transpiration too, and north facing means shade, so fatsia japonica?

    You haven't said how big a plant you want though. Evergreen trees pull out lots of water from the soil, is always super dry underneath.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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