Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Be wary if it's left damp/shady though. I tried a last minute bolster of seed and fertiliser, ended up with a fuck ton of dusty mildew for my troubles. Managed to pick a time when the following week was damp, cloudy and bugger all wind. A perfect fungal storm.

  • Courgette/squash leaves are getting yellow spots. A few have got a dried/brown edge.
    Just a bit of general stress? Effect of powdery mildew? (They definitely have a bit of that). A dreadful disease that requires amputation?
    They haven't really been fed much - is it too late in the year to do so?

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  • I'd get some ferrous sulphate on and follow @Tenderloin advice in the spring. Scarification would work wonders then too.

  • Thanks. So can I do all this now, or is it better to wait and do it in spring?

  • Depends on the weather gods.. I'm in Scotland and scattered some grass seed and compost a couple of weeks ago. We've had unseasonable warm weather with a little rain so it all worked out. It's gardening so patience is always a virtue. Lawncare is a thankless task as you're essentially trying to create a mono culture.

    Edit to add.. the pistonheads lawn threads are a fount of knowledge.­c.asp?h=0&t=1908469

  • You can do it now and see how it goes, no harm and then come back to it in spring so that it’s in best shape for summer.

  • ^^yeah there’s some serious lawn chat over there. It is a little addictive

  • Wow, that lawn thread is amazing!
    Spent far too long reading it.

  • Ha, the 'My wife' in that guardian article is someone I know.

  • Is it a thin layer of compost, or a couple of inches deep? I find gardening tips a bit like diy tips "Mix it to the right consistency, not too thin, not too thick". Once you know it seems easy, but if you are not confident, it's a nightmare.

  • Green Thumb is mentioned in that Piston heads thread.... Used them for a few years and probably used more chemicals than the Escobar Cartel!

  • did I post up about how I eventually bought one of those very cheap german biergarten style bench and table sets from amazon ? I was worried about the QC and sturdiness (after seeing some pics of dramatic bowing on amazong) but I have no qualms at all about my purchase (other than of course the environmental qualms associated w/fast furniture ofc)

  • did I post up about how I eventually bought one of those very cheap german biergarten style bench and table sets from amazon ?

    you did 🙂

  • thanks remind me to post about it again in a few weeks' time

  • A our potted hot lips got cooked in the heatwave while we were away.

    Although they looks dead there's still some rigidity to the stems.

    Previously they lived in a full sun spot. I've move them to a partially shaded spot that just gets the late afternoon sun.

    Do people reckon I should move back to the full sun spot, or somewhere else? Any other tips for giving them the best shot at coming back?


  • Think I posted a pic of my hotlips which is in a raised planter so a little different. It’s in full sun most of the day and has done great. After a good soak and a few days in the shade I’d move them back

  • Presumably it's not got too long left this year until it would all have died back anyway? Just cut back anything that's clearly dead and keep it well watered until autumn rains come in?

  • Cheers all. Will go for that.

    My blueberries and dwarf pear have also lost their leaves, but thinking I'll now move them back too.

  • Lump hammer, chisel and a year’s worth of pent up covid rage: 1
    Shitty concrete base: 0

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  • Any recommendations for cheap terracotta pots for outside, about 40cm?

  • Facebook marketplace

  • Stakes are in for bindweed annihilation.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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