Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • The salvia hot lips bloody loves a sunny spot and in turn the bees love it. Would recommend

  • Nice idea. I’d never thought to do that.

  • We had some new turf laid 2 weeks ago, we have been watering it daily, and the sun has been out for most of the time, so it is getting a little long.
    When is it safe to cut?.

    Walking on it, it is still springy, and couple of areas are still rooting (thanks to a puppy that likes to pull it up) but for the most part it seems to be bedding in nicely.

  • Do you have a variable height mower? If so set it at its highest and give it a trim

  • I wouldn't rush it unless you absolutely have to. If you can give it another week or two, then it'll have more time to get a good root system established. Which is want you want for healthy grass.

  • Blowing own trumpet time. If anyone remembers the dark limestone patio from last month; it grew. We removed 50 tons of sloping garden, installed retaining walls, steps, drainage and a new lawn.

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  • I will even indulge myself with a second picture, apologies but I'm slightly smug about how it worked out.

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  • Smashed it!

  • Also dead easy to grow from cuttings

  • Yeah I’ll be taking out some of that big boy at the weekend and repotting, should be able to get 4/5 decent roots

  • I really want these tiles­n-stripes-encaustic-cement-tile/ however, the eye-watering price is proving to be a significant hurdle. Does anyone know of an affordable similar option?

  • That looks glorious. Are you painting the walls?

  • Oh they’re lovely!

  • Where’s the best (cheapest) place to buy 1-200 daffodil and tulip bulbs?

  • I'm a landscaper, not a decorator, the client can paint them any colour they bloody well like!

  • Lidl are doing 10 tulips for £1.79 at the moment

  • Could try Farmer Gracy

  • Cheers. Spotted some crazy amount (30-40) daffs for £3 in Sainsbury’s today. Had other things to do so didn’t get any but will return.

  • Bought 40 allium bulbs for £1.99 at B & M today, they had daffs and tulips as well but can't remember the price, sorry.

  • Best, de Jager. Not cheapest though.

  • Clockhouse nursery in Enfield does daffodil bulbs by the sack. Price is probably good, but they only have them for a few weeks

  • The RHS magazine tells me now is a good time to seed bare patches of grass. It’s not exactly Wembley, plenty of moss and uneven patches that show up when I cut the grass, but I’m not that bothered. That said, is it worth doing anything else in addition to seeding the bits that were under lavender and other bushes that are now cut back?

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  • Big bag of grass seed to get a good coverage, manure/compost to cover the new seeds and give them a kick start and a fork to aerate it all should see you right.
    The whole lawn looks a little patchy so I would fork it all, sow some seeds and give it a good covering of miracle grow/compost or whatever whilst you’re at it

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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