Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Gertrude Jekyl?

  • Yeah so I’ve gone for all the same brand so that I can switch batteries it makes it easier + body only are often available on eBay etc so you can sometimes get a good deal. I think it’s worth it

  • Yeah I think it makes the most sense, if we didn’t have Ryobi power tools already would maybe have gone for something else but I think it makes us stuck with that brand for now

  • They said 3 feet deep, I think you're probably correct in your assumed amendment though.

  • My Gertrude Jekyl is on its second bloom too :)

  • Rosa Mary. V similar tho.

  • They said 3 feet deep

    Oh lol I did, oops. Yeah, if it was 3 feet deep I’d be leaving it there for the rest of time. Tasteful gravel layer over the top maybe.

  • Anyone interested in a yucca, collect from Epsom?

    Its part of the trunk of a large yucca that succumbed to the strong wind last year and has been sitting in my compost heap since then.

    As you can see it is desperate to grow.

    Free of charge.

    Very pointy leaves so not suitable for gardens with young kids or dogs but grows to look very nice in a pot or in the ground.

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  • Has some unknown rose in our old garden, took a cutting last year and it's only about to flower

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  • Ryobi garden tools are actually pretty good, superior to their power tools. I use Makita power tools, but have 4 Ryobi garden tools (mower, strimmer, blower and vacuum), only thing to note is that the mower does eat batteries if your grass is long or wet.

    On a side note Ryobi are owned by the same company that owns Milwaukee.

  • Roses here are getting a second wind too.

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  • Yeah i think we'll go Ryobi, I originally went for their power tools purely because their automotive range is quite good for the price (also have a milwaukee 12v stuff as well).

    Do you know which model of mower you have? I was thinking of going for the brushless one but it's more expensive and only comes as skin only.

    I'm hoping having a lightweight cordless mower is an incentive to keep on top of mowing the lawn so it doesn't get too out of control

  • I have had a Ryobi 18V ONE+ mower for about 5 years now, here in Christchurch, purchased from Bunnings. Not one of the current models, similar in looks but takes 2 batteries. Good enough for our requirements, struggles with one of our lawns that has some strange wiry but fluffy grass but otherwise OK. I don't really cut anything too short, just regular long trims and I am not worried about it looking too perfect. I do sharpen the blades now and again. Ease of use is great, just slap in some batteries and off you go. I have other Ryobi tools so batteries always charged.

  • Is this one:­s/ryobi-olm1840h
    Bit bigger than the current models, 40cm wide with 50L catcher.
    That review isn't great and I would agree that it is not too good with long or wet grass - the batteries get hot and die quickly and with the slower blade speed, there can be quite a bit of cut grass left behind. But for our use, just keeping the lawns presentable it is great; easy use also means my wife is more likely to use it.

  • cool thanks, i had seen the current ones look similar to that but with narrow widths (i think 33cm and 36cm), one of them comes with a 4.0ah kit, but i'd noticed the reviews were a bit hit and miss.

    I was thinking of buying this­-4-0ah-lawn-mower-kit_p3381291


    As a skin only (and picking up a 5.0ah strimmer kit)

  • I think the brushless one would be better, option for 2 batteries, 40cm wide. And it looks like you can fit the larger 6ah and 9ah HP batteries? And I imagine they have improved since we got ours. We are still using the batteries we got 5 years ago, although you can tell the difference with new batteries.

  • I have the smaller 33cm one, its fine for a small garden (I also have a petrol and sit on!) If I bought again I would go up a size, its still going to weigh nothing at all...

  • Cool thanks guys, i think once i can go to bunnings again later this week i'll probably pick up the 40cm brushless one - it fits through the weird narrow point in the lawn down the side of the deck with a bit of clearance which is good, i won't need to use dual batteries for our place but it's nice to have the future proof of running double run time if needed

  • Wildflowers, salvia, blue spire, curry plant and rosemary all doing well

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  • looking good. recommend the hammock ?

  • Yeah if you don’t have fixing points then it’s great. Was like £60 on Amazon and has lasted 3yrs and kept outdoors the whole time uncovered. Boil washed it a couple times to freshen it up.

  • Rando courgette plant sprouted up in the compost lol

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  • Is it fruiting at all? I used to get tons of butternut squash seedlings from my homemade compost but they were all sterile (F1 hybrid) varieties.

  • Got loads of flowers but no fruit that I’ve noticed. Harvested the flowers to eat

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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