Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Thank you @mespilus and @aglet I've just tasted a leaf and it tasted green. Looking at that potted specimen I don't think it can be anything else. It's in the herb garden of my sis's new house. Bring on the roast beef!

  • Any idea what this random creeper is that's suddenly appeared?

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  • possibly clematis

  • Not terrific but better than only three/four ripe fruit... We mulched it last year but after it had already started flowering, I'm no expert in these things but will have a read and see if it can do better next time...

    It always flowers well, the blossom smells amazing...

  • My Japanese Anemone is off to a good start in the flowering stakes this year with plenty more to come

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  • Yeah that's a clematis. Did you plant it? They don't pop up I don't think.

  • We have a patch of Japanese anemones too—the flowers are taller than me (185cm) already. The bumblebees love them. A keen spreader; you should expect them to pop up in the lawn and probably crowd out that Fuchsia.

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  • Next level height there. Yes, never seem to transplant where I want them too but are rampant in the lawn :)

  • No it's sprung up from a root that's come to the surface:

    I've straightened it out and removed from the thing it was climbing on.

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  • Hovering rats

    Ok so what actually are they?

  • Looks very clematisy

  • Clematis do sometimes come back from roots.

  • They sure do. I had one flower this year, after the overgrown garden was cleared, that I hadn't seen in years and had given up for dead long ago.

  • Thanks for the heads up, bought one (cordless electric mower) and really pleased with it.

    We don't really have a lawn just a couple of patches of "green" which at the moment is 30% clover, 30% mossy stuff and some grass which pokes up. Went around our 3 green patches today and was really light, easy to swing about beds, trees, bark..... Way better than the petrol :)

    Might have to bring the Mountfield out at the beginning of the year to get it down from meadow to shorter green stuff but for summer trimming brill. Thanks :)

  • I've let a strip of lawn grow long 'for the natures', when should I think about mowing it, if ever?

  • What are the downsides of letting grass grow longish? My lawnmower scalps my lawn, even on the longest setting, but I prefer the grass longer so haven't been cutting it that often (plus it keeps raining).

  • ^ and ^^ some links I previously posted re wildflower meadow cutting but probably as good a guide as any. Downsides - looking a bit messy and more chance of weeds setting seed. It can also get a bit lumpy but if you prefer the longer look you probably aren't aiming for a bowling green.­

  • gardener's not coming back - has been ill so cancelled further works and invoiced at discount rate for first phase.

    will need to sort out a shed and trees myself I guess. how much for a 6'x4' shed supplied and installed ?

  • how much for a 6'x4' shed supplied and installed ?

    Lawsons will supply and assemble for £740 assuming you already have a suitable base. I expect cheaper options are available.

  • Update on concrete pad retained by block wall from a fortnight ago. Fence inset into the holes in the hollow blocks, posts grooved out to accept 6x2 timber with a router to match existing fence. Randomised limestone.

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  • looks great

  • Nice job.

    Randomised limestone

    Is that wet? If so roughly what will it look like in a year or so?

  • Yes, wet, just washed off all the loose sand left after jointing. It will look a tone or so lighter when dry and will only get fractionally lighter over time. It is officially 'charcoal', the only way to get darker is to use porcelain or similar, 'black' slate comes up the same colour after a year or so.

  • Thanks.

    We have black slate (I think) in mind for when we redo our patio. But I worry about how it will age.

    Also that looks like a nice less dark option...although the slightly reflective, oil-slickly nature of the black slate is what appeals to me.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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