Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Your cunning plan should work. The only problem would be if it is laid on concrete, 99% are on compacted Type 1 roadstone, which is diggable with some effort. The cheapo Erbauer segmented diamond blades from Screwfix (about £14) will cut through concrete paviours like a knife through butter, I know because I did so last week.

    Thank you @mashton and @stevo_com for the complete lack of saccharine.

    Cuy chactado.

  • Your cunning plan should work

    First time for everything.

    At least I’ve got an excuse to buy an angle grinder now.

  • Anyone have experience of management of large trees, in particular those close to property?

  • First-year I've tried to grow toms, almost there:

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  • Gardeners Delight? Looking good :)

  • what trees, how large, how close?

    I did this for a living for quite a while so may be able to offer advice. Usually, it's get rid of them if wrong trees in wrong place.

  • Echinaceas out now. I thought I'd lost these over winter - I did lose the ones in the beds but these survived in a pot. Hoping to keep the interest going for a while longer

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  • Dog knocked mine off the plant! New blossoms though..

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  • Two years ago my wife and her friend bought a dried up lily each for a pound.

    Last year during lockdown I potted it up and tended it regularly and it came up to about 0.5m in height with one nice flower.

    However my wife's friend planted hers in the garden and it looked amazing.

    So last autumn I planted ours in a suitable spot in our garden.

    Fast forward to today and its about 1.5m tall with multiple flowers which have just started to flower.

    We still refer to it as 'Poundland Lily'

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  • It's a biggin!
    Looks very healthy

  • Cheers, very pleased with it

  • Amazing!

    This year my potted lilies did better than the ones I planted in the garden, but perhaps need to move the garden planted ones as it's a bit shaded where they are.

  • Scarified the lawn , was full of moss. We moved in and the grass was 4ft tall so the moss probably thrived under it all

    Seeded and put some top soil on at the same time to level out a few bits

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  • Those are some very particular clouds

  • Hovering rats

  • Hoovering rats? Rats trained to use domestic appliances? Domestic appliances powerful enough to ingest large rodents?

    Sorry, misread, rodents with access to drone technology.

    I should drink less.

  • I've now got some spare bed space having cut back some dead stuff.

    Any ideas for annuals to plant now - ie that are flowering now/soonish?

    Have previously planted lobelia, but don't have any spare this year.


  • Good people of the forum; what is this thing? It's 60+cm tall and in Somerset and Cabbage Whites and snails love it. It seems to have been planted and not spread anywhere else. Asking for my sister

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  • A feral sunflower turned up

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  • Looks like a horseradish, apart from the not spreading bit…

  • I'll look into it. Thanks

  • Were you to sample any of the thick root:caution!
    I'm told it is much fiercer than the jars of stuff commercially available.

  • ↓ horseradish in a pot in our garden; on closer inspection I reckon it’s pretty certain to be that. The leaves have a slight horseradish taste, and it’s easy enough to dig up a skinny bit of (white, fibrous) root to check with a cautious nibble

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  • Weeded and mulched under the lemonade tree this afternoon, looks so much nicer... Hoping it bears some fruit next time around, got very little off it this year...

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  • What was last years' crop like?

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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