Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Yeah, tree echium

    My dad has one in his garden this year. It's massive!­ininana

  • That's them alright that pic is what's visible over an 8ft wall!

  • I love them but that is maybe... too many

  • Ordered the spade, thanks all, never been so excited about a spade before though definitely not what I would go for if I had a garden. Can anyone identify what's in my picture?

  • Most of my Hydrangea cuttings now flowering.

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  • The giant red Croscosmia bulbs that I got from my Neighbour have come out. Pretty sure they're the one's known as Lucifer. They're lovely.

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  • They're fantastic aren't they. They multiply almost like a weed in the spot I've got them

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  • For sure! We had a small patch down our front path of the regular orange stuff which is now a large patch. Looks healthier than. It's ever been this year. Can't wait for it to flower.

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  • Croscosmia

    Beautiful although I’m a bit jealous as ours don’t look like they’ll flower this year (first year in).
    We encouraged our son to plant some nasturtiums and sunflowers and I think they’re my favourite bits at the moment, gonna call the Guiness book of records if they keep going at this rate.

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  • My potted Acer success story.

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  • Comedy dong flower

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  • looking good.

    mine is looking a bit iffy after a promising start. I've moved it to a sunnier spot. is yours in sun or shade?

  • Mine is mostly in shade - it gets a bit of dappled sun later in the day.
    I have a much slower growing purple leafed Acer planted in this spot also - this is fast in comparison.

  • potted Acer

    ..looking good! 👍

  • Not sure which thread to post; my cheese plant has stopped growing

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  • Top of mine seems to have got scorched. Dunno if it is sun, wind or what?

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  • They don't like exposure so prob a combo of both.
    Plus I don't really know what I'm talking about.

  • Finally wrapped up our little early morning sun deck(?).

    There's a passion flower on the right and although you can't see it some (tiny) normal jasmine in pots that I got a bulk load in a good deal in early spring, plus an unpotted honeysuckle... which might end up somewhere else.

    Once things start climbing you won't see the small sections of exposed fence panel.

    The bench is an old school bench that was probably one of our best boot-sale bargains (3 for £10). The café chairs we had left rust spots from the feet and the bench is more space efficient. With the chairs it always felt like you needed another ½' leg room.

    Still to do is plant a couple of rockery plants (seedum and something I forget), paint the window frame black, cut the superfluous second sill, and paint strip the coat of white I put on the OG sill...

    .... then just let everything grow.

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  • Beautiful! Looks like the perfect spot for a morning cuppa.

    I've also got a passionflower growing and a honeysuckle that needs planting. Currently debating whether or not growing them together is a good idea or not. Or I use the honeysuckle to cover a different part of the garden

  • My experience is that my passion flower will strangle anything in its path, I'd grow them separately.

  • That's that sorted. Cheers!

  • That’s really lovely.

  • Cheers all. It's so much nicer than the sandpit and pile of shit that was there before. And much better than the fense and mini shed that was there when we bought the house. Less sure about bothering to deck it next year now.

    @KatBalou'sPhone good tip on the passion flower vs common jasmine. The jasmine is in a smallish pot so can easily be moved. We may ultimately move the passion flower too, which is why it went in the planter.

  • Any thoughts on these tomatoes?


    I've thinned out and removed the leaves at the bottom to let the air circulate as it was previously very dense vegetation. So any abnormally short branches are me, not the plant.

    This is probably the hottest and sunniest spot in the garden, getting the full brunt of the sun.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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