Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • As @kinο says - paint it black

  • garden continues to progress - albeit slowly. at least they’ve finished the path and infilled with grass now. think they just fscked their scheduling and are now juggling our works with others. probably waiting on eg plants to be delivered too. oh well, not in a rush

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  • How did they find doing the gravelboard path? And you weren't tempted to mix up the widths?

  • path was one of the things they bristled at - mostly because they’d never done that before. was fine when I explained what I wanted tho - they just got on with it after that. mixed widths might have been nice aye - staggering them was considered too. oh well, next garden... or the front maybe

  • I like the straight one I just thought I remembered your drawing being mixed widths

  • Recommend me a quality shovel for my old mum please, and, what is this brand? sorry for evil pic!

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  • Niwaki golden spade - they're great and much lighter than a wooden one.

  • That was my thinking. I’m probably going to have to think them out over time but would also like to put something down the middle of the planter to give some height.

  • Maybe alliums or agapanthus?

  • Moar poppy

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  • Niwacki usually means you have to sell a kidney lol

  • Someone dumped this on our road today. Yoink.

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  • Moar poppy


  • Thirty quid for the spade ..

  • So many bees on the eryngium

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  • Wow, great colour.

  • 30 quid for Niwaki spade quite reasonable, spent about 160 for some Niwaki secateurs but they were someone very special :)

  • I have one of these too and it definitely has its place in the shed but I’ll admit I tend towards a square headed spade for most jobs as it’s easier to mix and lift soil from bags and wheelbarrows. I think mine is a smallish stainless Kent & Stowe.
    Off topic but I’ve had a bad run with edging spades (two handles snap in two years) but can recommend the Bulldog forged jobby that’s about £30.

  • Spade or shovel?
    Definitely not the same thing! To quote Pratchett:
    "...Never use spades, Farmers use spades. But I call a shovel a shovel."

    The golden spade is very nice for planting small things and general light work- my dads got one and it’s undoubtedly very cool.
    We’ve got a Spear & Jackson ‘ladies’ spade which is much cheaper and stainless.

    For shovel we’ve just got a 1-piece Bulldog job. It’ll last a lifetime on our allotment but reckon I could kill it fairly swiftly if I was still on sites working.

  • This old guy's garden on Peckham Park Road always amazes me. It's all containers.

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  • Outstanding. I bet he ends up chatting with loads of passers by.

  • I recall someone mentioning these recently. There's a garden with stacks of them near me, hard to get a good pic. Look like they should be in a Dr Seuss book

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  • I just took a walk through the gardens at Plas Cadnant in Menai Bridge. Absolutely stunning. One of the borders was full of those buggers, someone remind me what they are called please? I have a new garden to play with and a section going spare that could do with a bit of height.

  • Tree echeim?? Not sure if the spelling. Look awesome

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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