Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • My new lawn needs cutting so I need a lawnmower. It's got sleepers bordering three sides so I need something that will go right up to the edge and ideally lightweight and compact.

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  • What is the square metre? I would be tempted by a battery powered one especially if you already have a range of battery power tools

  • Or one of those robot jobbies with a docking station. Unless you have a dog crapping everywhere…

  • I guess those are not baby Leyland cypress you have in your borders there?

  • Raindrops on roses this morning. Someone should write a song about that.

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  • Very small, 16 square metres.

    Those trees were recently planted so that is probably a somewhat deceptive picture.

    I have an outside socket so not too fussed about cordless or not. Other stuff I have is DeWalt but their mower looks pretty big (and pricey). I think a robot one would be overkill.

  • I wonder if a manual one plus a cheap compact electric strimmer might not be the best route.

    TBH I can't think of ever seeing a mower that goes up to an edge, so would be curious what you find.

  • The Bosch ones are pretty good at going up to an edge, but won't be perfect. Strimmers are cheap.

  • I bought (another) corded Bosch Rotak recently - quite good at edges but it wouldn't go into an edged corner like yours...

  • You can get electric edging shears but not tried them, strimmers are pretty crap for grass edging in my experience. I would just get some long-handled edging shears - will only take you a few mins. I rake the grass away from the edges and the mower picks up the clippings.

  • wonder if a manual one plus a cheap compact electric strimmer might not be the best route.

    Precisely what I do.

    Having a manual roller mower is great. Little bit of exercise, zero faff with cables or batteries. Also, if you get the cut right, the roller gives stripes. Don't get stripes with a flymo.

    The strimmer comes out (very) occasionally to do the edges.

    To be honest with a lawn your size, you could do the edges with a pair of scissors or some kind of edging shears.

  • Cheers for all the suggestions, some good options there that I'll have a think about.

    The main issue is storage space, it's pretty limited so trying to work out the most compact solution.

  • You're welcome 🙂

  • Made two planters for lavender. Fairly happy although my ocd is not happy about the red paint and it’s only on one them

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  • Backfilling.

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  • Be covered by lavender within 12 months anyway

  • Nice panels. Can recommend. Unless you're painting them in which case it takes forever.
    No gravel boards?

  • No need, the panels are held an inch or so off the ground so I didn't want the look of them.

  • Plus, the panels are 180cm rather than 6ft, and the right hand panel is significantly chopped down. Really didn't fancy fettling reinforced concrete to fit.

  • I put them in but have since added so much compost and mulch to the beds that you'd barely know.

  • my ocd is not happy about the red paint and it’s only on one them

    Ooooo, that's going to clash with the lavender.

  • If storage is an issue one of the robo mowers is a good shout. Would recommend battery mower especially if other tools use the same batteries. I just use shears for the edge

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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