Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • As others have said, best bet is to mix compost and manure with sand and grit. Maybe put a bit of slow release fertilizer in there too. I've recently been using a bit of carbon gold with good results.

    Edit: I often use a bit of John Innes no.3 which includes some sand.

  • Cool. I vaguely remember being told that as a child :)

  • Dahlias are coming out, going to try to grow cuttings of this one

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  • Beautiful! I was lazy and didn't dig mine up over winter, looks like they're toast

  • Yeah I lost a few. Will definitely dig them all up this year.

  • Poppies out in force

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  • A couple of interesting ones too

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  • 2/3 of the fence up following @ColinTheBald approved instructions. Thunder bolts into the concrete wall and post savers around the posts. Just need to cut the third panel to width then back fill. Not the easiest single handed when every single tool decides it would prefer to be in the river.

    Had to dig out more space just to fit the SDS drill in the trench.

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  • Also, 12mm auger wouldn't fit in the cordless drill, so jankily threw in the SDS Jacobs chuck. Worked, kind of. I put 12mm holes in posts so that's enough.

  • That looks like from here ?

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  • It is! Well remembered

  • My immaculate lawn .

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  • Bees > Building Management company

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  • Another one for the hydrangea list. No idea what it is, I think it came with the house

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  • That's a nice colour. Here's a few from my front garden today.

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  • Asiatic lily update [edit to correct Lilly type]

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  • Thanks; I bought some bulbs back in March so it's the first time flowering. Can't remember what the other colours are, so a surprise awaiting when the rest open up.

  • Thanks - very little work as such - more managed neglect :)

  • I took a few rose cuttings ages ago. Two made it and have started to sprout(sp?), one even has a flower. They were both in the same pot.

    I was going to gift one, so repotted them. Neither had any roots. They just had nodule type things a bit like in this pic I found online.

    However, the soil in the pot has a lot of perlite so Idk if some of that could have just got stuck. Shudda taken a pic at the time.

    Two questions:

    1. Can they be planted in the ground? My gut says no and I should hold off on gifting.
    2. How long does it take for them to develop roots? I'm quite surprised there weren't any when one is flowering.

    New better pic now attached.

    Any other thoughts or tips appreciated.

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  • watched a new episode of garden rescue last night - LOVE the planting schemes that the rich brothers do. so busy and naturalistic, with layered grasses, trees etc. they really only seem to have one idea when it comes to garden design but it's a great idea tbf - def going to steal some of the plants they used

  • A 50% success rate for cuttings is pretty good (not sure about roses specifically). If they're not doing anything they may never do anything - best to take more cuttings and if you have the space, let the old ones sit another few months and see what happens

  • I wish it was 50%! This batch was around 8. But there have been another 2-3yrs of 0%.

    I probably should have been more specific and said that these are from the late summer last year.

    I'm hoping repotting them won't adversely effect them.

  • My Spirea with pink and white flowers on the same plant is flowering. Such an unusual thing.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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