Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • I haven't looked here for about two weeks but are we still talking about slugs and snails?
    I was at the Chelsea Flower Show years ago and got talking to a Hosta exhibitor. He told me he used Sharwoods flat sided bottles containing a few slug pellets, laid on their sides with the base slightly higher than the top. The bottles being flat sided don't roll about, rain never got to the pellets and the slugs could come and go (and die). A regular rinse out and replenish of pellets and away you go.

  • what we really need to do is instill the lesson to never eat plants unless you know they are safe.

    This reminds me of the time when one of my BiLs was commenting on our locking drawers and using a stair gate. His approach was to clearly explain to his daughter that certain drawers were dangerous and she wasn't allowed to open them. Likewise the stairs were only to be used with an adult.

    That's cool if your kid listens, rather than ignoring you and smashing anything with a handle open and closed like a madman. Or running off and climbing the stairs whenever they can.

    To be fair too them, they're very good with the plants and generally only eat the herbs - and if you provide a bowl of water will wash them. However, when they were ~1yo they just started eating a weed and randomly one day. They're 2+ now and very recently while I was pulling out bind weed they just started eating it. This is despite absolutely knowing only to eat herbs. They were simply adamant you could eat it.

    Ultimately your impulse control isn't fully developed until your in your 20s, and it's almost totally absent from small children. Plus I dare say folks here don't remember all the times when they were small and a supervising adult was watching over them while reminding them not to eat stuff.

    So while I wouldn't take anything out that's there, I definitely would not add dangerous plants.

  • That's an excellent tip.

  • They're 2+ now and very recently while I was pulling out bind weed they just started eating it

    Pls send them to our place

  • I get this, but there's not just foxgloves, there's daffodils, lily of the valley, yew, wisteria, crocuses, rhubarb leaves, rhododendrons, obviously many mushrooms, most woodland plants, conkers, daphnes, delphiniums, most umbellifers, many houseplants, snowdrops, hellebores, ivy and probably a hundred more that you would find in your local park or the front gardens in your street.

  • We visited the poison garden in Alnwick and it was like "got that... got that...yeah, got that...."

  • Stoked to see the second flush of leaves looking healthy on our Cornus Kousa, probably at the expense of flowering next year.

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  • Great tip that, thanks

  • Sun's out and the plants are recovering from the rain-beating

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  • These are hardy kiwis, teeny kiwi fruit the size of the top of your thumb. They will ripen around August/Sept

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  • The Great (retaining) Wall of @stevo_com, seen from the imposing Eastern aspect, with moat. Drawbridge under discussion, but foliage removed to lessen cover for invaders.

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  • Thanks again! Photo saves me a dander round to the park to take a look.

  • Looks very tidy.

    Sweepstake on how long it takes mini_com to get over it?

  • Just out of curiosity, is the lack of mortar on the lowest layer to let water out?

  • Yep, but it won't affect the structural strength, the whole lot has steel bars embedded in the foundations. is 2 and lacks a small ladder. A fence is going to be bolted to the wall to prevent escape, the wall is there to prevent the garden escaping.

  • Any recommendations on where to buy turf? I don't really have much concept of how big it is but assume I'd need it delivered (North London).

  • I normally buy from Thomson’s in crews hill­e.html

  • 2 days before you get local "artistes" decorating that. You could get a mural done, kraken emerging from water, that sort of thing.

  • The moat seems to deter most of the tagging round here.

  • If you want to wade through the brook to do it, I give you full artistic license.

  • Also, the bottom of the blocks start at 6' high, bring a ladder.

  • Millais' Ophelia, drawn in the style of Rick and Morty

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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