Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Very neat 👌🏻

  • I wrecked myself manoeuvring the big rocks around yesterday - forearms are in bits today but garden is looking better

  • This rose went in a couple of months ago - first bloom

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  • My Hydrangea hedge down the front path is starting to fill in a bit. They got mown down by the late frosts but have staged a comeback of late. Should be spectacular when they come out. My youngest loves helping, my teenager, not so much :)

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  • I think you might have slightly given the game away with those hydrangeas!

  • Ha ha ha ha :)

  • Californian poppies going bonkers right now.

    On the subject of poppies, we’ve got a ton of various varieties at the mo. Sow in august or better off waiting for a spring sowing? Or bit of both? Plan is to fill the back boundary of out allotment with them and maybe a few in pots for the balcony.

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  • Have just cleared the weeds away from here for the nth year. I’ve got some wild flower seed on order. Any tips on how to give them the best chance - and overpower the grass and dandelions?

    My intention was to get some fertiliser, then just shower the seeds over it, rake it and water it most evenings.

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  • Wild flowers prosper in poor soils. The normal way to establish a wild flower patch in, or on the edge of a lawn would be to strip off the turf, and the nutrient rich top couple of inches
    No fertiliser unless you want the obvious pioneer plants to crowd out your wild flowers.

  • Ah good, thanks. This is definitely poor and is stoney too. I’ll just sew the seeds and be done with it. This is my inspiration. All along a local side road.

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  • I've got two wildflower patches in my garden. One on really poor clay soil and one in some rich compost. I let the clay one do whatever it wants so there's some weeds growing in there too. The rich one I weed and keep a bit tidier. It looks more like the above when in bloom. Let me get some pics

  • Here's the richer one in bloom last year (at the end of August)

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  • Another view

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  • Brilliant. Just what I’m going for!

  • I've got a 4mx4m lawn that is shitty artificial grass just laid on bare earth. Garden is south facing with plenty of sun.

    Pondering whether to turf it or do a proper job of artificial grass. Criteria is hard wearing and minimal effort (installing and ongoing maintenance).

    Artificial grass seems harder work than expected, I'll need well upwards of a ton of aggregate under it and delivery of a 4m roll is fairly pricey. It should be pretty maintenance free after though.

    What is needed for turf, do I need to put some topsoil or something down? Most guides just seem to suggest the soil needs turning over. My garden is pretty small so I don't really want a lawnmower taking up space, are there any other smaller options? How big are rolls of turf, would I be able to fit them in a small hatchback?


  • are there any other smaller options?

    A pigmy goat?

  • You'll need more than one. They're social creatures, and can die of loneliness.

  • That's upto @aggi to negotiate with his neighbours.
    I would get one, but there's no guarantee they could even see each other.

  • Guinea Pigs are even smaller and you could keep loads in 4mx4m

  • Get a boy and a girl and you've got a business opportunity.

  • Guinea Pigs are even smaller and you could keep loads in 4mx4m

    I have 2 and haven't mowed for a year.

    I will probably mow this week though as this growing period is insane. I have a very small hand push rotary mower that takes up very little space.

  • It looks like the type of thing people only find/inherit but where did you get the fire pit like thing with the plant in a pot in it from please thanks?

  • It's just a fire pit (not sure where from I'm afraid) on top of a stump I got when where was some tree work done nearby.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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