Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Giant Hosta sending up the flower spikes.

  • The b&q Magnus one works a treat

  • @inchpincher
    we had canna at the formerly matrimonial home..

    i was a sucker for borders filled with hot colours, from memory we also had. red hot pokers, bishop of llandaff dahlias, castor oil plants, sunflowers, red bananas, foxtail lillies, hostas even bird of paradise in pots, which we brought in during winter. i suppose the warning is this that it can become addictive, that kind of floral display. Labour intensive to maintain, not cheap, looked exotic though. on my trips to Colombia is recent years it was all of that and more except everything grew four times quicker constant mild spring like conditions.


  • do you get any nice soothing water sounds from that brook ? cool feature if so

  • Not really. There are a couple of points where it waterfalls and there's noise there, but not near our place. We've not exactly spent much time down there either, understandably.

  • I love a giant hosta; that looks great!

    My babies are just getting started.

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  • Big fan of the variegated varieties too. All mine are in pots, gives them a fighting chance against the slug onslaught!

  • Another big boi allium coming up! And the flowering shrubs along the fence are coming in to their own too (anyone name these?)

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  • Also, what fruit is this?!

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  • Looks like a plum to me

  • Big bright pink at the bottom is a rock rose, think one behind with pink flowers and lined leaves is a daphne

  • Cool thanks both!

    So we have plum, apple, pear, gooseberry, blackcurrant and rhubarb. Can't wait for crumble season!

  • Oh yeah definitely that! Thanks.

  • Typical, we're hitting peak peony just as we're about to go away. My rock rose has a flower hiding underneath the peony.

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  • Rose update. The Big Red Roses are starting to give it ze beanz.

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  • They look good. Are you feeding them? I can't quite work out why my roses are a bit half hearted. Although I expect my neighbour's small oak tree doesn't help.

  • Are you feeding them?

    Nope. They got 8 feet tall, pulled the old trellis off the wall, and then grew to about 8 feet tall again from ground level. The roots must stretch from here to Cambridge. They can look after themselves.

  • South facing wall and lots of watering probably helps though. And Alison The Gardener has added, at the last count, something over 1400 litres of well-rotted manure to the gardens.

  • 1400 litres of well-rotted manure to the gardens

    Ah, that sounds like a plan!

  • Could also be damson but definitely some plum like thing

  • I would prefer greengages but I'm excited either way. Haha

  • It cheers my soul to see all the hard work @stevo_com has done today so that we don't have to, I have been offering 'encouragement' from a socially distanced 50 miles. He didn't quite tell everyone that he's left us the roots which MUST go before the foundations go in.

  • First time trying Salvia this year and it's flowering nicely. Smells great too and is a magnet for the bees.
    I really need to work on my placement of things in borders and my planning.
    I'm still just planting stuff in neat rows.

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  • My Malvern Rose is properly out now. Finally remembered to snap a pic without sun.

    Underneath needs a bit of tidying now the first wave of other plants are finished up.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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