Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Garden has sprung into life over the last week after doing basically nothing during the cold spring. Particularly pleased with ferns, fatsias, foxgloves and irises at the mo.

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  • love the multi level garden - looks great!

  • I don't think the slope would prevent borders. I'm with mashton - some nice wide borders with shrubs and herbaceous plants would be as good or better than extra fence covering.

    Having said that, neighbour noise would seem to be pretty much a fact of life unless you live in a castle / stately home.

  • Thank you! In many ways it's a pain in the arse but it does mean you get sun all day at the top and it gives you an easy way of separating it into zones, which adds a lot of interest. Allows for plants that like everything from deepest darkest shade through to baking hot all day sun as well.

  • Mostly I need to stop researching plants to buy and instead spend time weeding and doing a good tidy up, but obviously that's not as fun

  • So have the borders sloped? Or try and level them? I thought I'd have drainage problems either way. Great if not though!

  • I'd just leave them sloped. I wouldn't strip the whole lot in one go, though as that could lead to some soil washing off in heavy rain. Maybe do a couple of 2m length on each side at a time, and build it up.

    Once your plants are established, they will stop any risk of run off [monsoons excepted!]

  • I reckon you could get a nice borer to at least the third upright (everything is looking jolly healthy so why not add some more plants to soak up the noise) maybe if you dug it out you could put some gravel as a sub base to help drainage. Where the slope sharpens off after the third upright you could plat some bamboo (in pots) and bury them. Or trellis and climbers would help deaden the sound and be pretty light work.

  • That’s gorgeous. I love multi-level gardens, they have a sense of discovery.

  • this and the cargo bike thread are about the only places I visit here.

  • Looking for ways of getting some sound proofing into our garden (I can hear every word of neighbours conversations two doors down)

    I'd argue to stop caring about it, unless there's something complete egregious going on.

  • @birofunk, instead of thinking about acoustic screening or dense planting, you should consider installing a water feature across the split level, to drown out the unwanted conversations. It doesn't need to be niagara falls, but something you could switch on and off when you are outside. Leafy dense vegetation can be planned around that if you want a lost gardens of heligan or exotic jungle look. A water feature will also add a new dimension with fish and even attract wildlife.

  • Thank you! I am not short of levels! About 4 main levels and another 4 sub levels

  • sound proofing

    Others will know much more about sound @freddo maybe(?), but to me that whole area looks like a bit of an echo chamber and a nightmare for amplifying sound. So another +1 to getting plenty of plants to break up the noise.

    I've got a deutzia (I think) which is great for that sort of thing. It's nice and green, can grow big, and has pretty pink flowers in spring.

    I'd also get a couple of decent rambling roses from David Austin and put them on trellis at the top of that wood fence.

    Lastly I'd consider if there is anything you could do to stop sound bouncing back off the big wall at the end. Maybe a pergola, or screening off the last 1/3 of the garden so there's a sort of top terrace.

  • Spot on..thanks for the advice and @ChasnotRobert that's the next project sorted

  • It's a total echo chamber plus it's a new build so we're all in exactly the same gardens with no trees/bushes etc.

    Good shout on the rose trellis, I reckon that would really help and add a bit of privacy too.

    Also like @almac68 suggestion of a water feature. Would be cool to have water running down the back wall

  • It's more the mundanity of the conversation that's killing me!

  • All those brick walls will bounce the sound around nicely - get the vegetation going and you'll soon no longer be hearing next door but ones barny about who drank the last of the milk but put the carton back in the fridge

  • ooh a gardening thread - #followed

    @birofunk it looks most likely that the sound is also bouncing off that tall back wall and the fence above it. So basically what @hugo7 and @mashton said, planting will most likely break up the acoustics. The problem is that if its two doors down it may be bouncing off your neighbour's section of the back wall. Anyway, can you plant some trailers up by the upper section?

  • Would be cool to have water running down the back wall

    when i read that, i thought yep, a Japanese inspired babbling brook c/w shishi-odoshi, homage to Kill Bill vol.1­y5M

  • Proper garden goals right there

  • That drop and plonk is so satisfying

  • Two observations:

    1) I love this thread.

    2) If you'd told me when I joined LFGSS that a) there would end being a gardening thread and b) that I'd love it....

    Funny old world innit?

    This x1000
    Life seemed so much simpler when we all used to just skid around shitfaced at night arguing with taxi drivers.
    I never used to worry about overwatering my cauliflower seedlings.

  • Ah too kind. I'm jealous of your lawn though, mine is the least kid and dog friendly garden imaginable and I have one of each

  • It does come in handy...

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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