Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • 'species rich' turf to lay in our garden to be played on by kids but also to cater to bees etc better than our gravel pit currently does. Anyone got any experience with it?

    Ours isn't a specific "species rich", but we've got clover, buttercups and daisy. It looks nice in between cuts this time of year when you cut it medium-long. However, if you've got kids I'd suggest buying something specifically hard wearing.

    We have shitloads of bees. None of them bother with the lawn, they collect from the flowers. Personally I'm sceptical that you can have a cut lawn that kids play on which will do much for bees. If that's your priority, get flowers in your beds - poppy, chives, roses, forgetmenots, all see a tonne of action in our garden.

    (Obviously if you just like the look of a species rich law, then go for it)

  • On the rose posts, mine is about to kick off.

    We've postponed our morning-sun decking project for the moment. Time and fears about timber prices mean idk when we'll get to it. So in the meantime we've tidied the space painted the concrete slab with what was on offer in Wickes. I forgot to take a pic before we tidied, so you need to imagine the before including a plastic sandpit, recycling box and every piece of conseavable crap a toddler could find and relocate.

    Next up is fresh gravel, painting the window, trellis, pots, etc. Going to try and grow common(?) jasmine up the brick wall. Pic with the chairs gives an idea of what we're going for eventually.

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  • Yeah that's all fair.

    One of the main appeals is the 'low maintenance' and durability it claims. I might just be a sucker I guess...but placed the order.

    Probably already too late to lay it based on the weather but keen for something for the summer and trying not to delay it anymore!

    Will hopefully be planting more of the rest of the garden up too.

  • I think that looks really nice - not tempted to paint the gravelboard and/or fence to match?

  • I'm making a little garden in this rectangle of land in Suffolk. It's very sunny, south aspect, soil is poor, sandy ex agricultural and well draining. It is dry. I'm planting drought tolerant stuff that is attractive to insects.

    I've been putting loads of compost and manure into the ground which is helping plants get established. I'm wanting to have borders in a U shape eventually, with something in the middle. That something:

    • Just keep mowing it and have a rough vaguely grass area?
    • Make a proper lawn? (Likely too dry without setting up permenant irrigation which I don't want to do)
    • Some kind of paving or one of those hipster reclaimed brick herringbone things?
    • Gravel over geotextile fabric?

    Your thoughts please.

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  • South aspect with heat-retaining brick wall suggests espaliered fruit trees to me,
    at least a selection of 'currants.

  • It's not fenced so deer and rabbits have free access which could be an issue for fruit trees / bushes.

    Might give currants a go and see how they do. I like the smell of the leaves, would be nice in summer. And I don't really mind if the birds eat all the fruit!

  • Hard to tell from this pic but I like the idea of something like the Beningbrough pergola. Obvs a micro sized version but would create areas of dappled shade. Its somewhere I've been a couple of times and inspired the planting in my garden. I'd love a nice brick wall to build a pergola off of.

  • I was on the fence about painting the gravel board. OH had strong feelings about not painting.

    Those two fence panels are starting to silver so hopefully they'll blend in once there's trellis on top. That said the infinity screen feel of having the white go up a bit appealed. Especially as my original idea for the decking was to continue the horizontal boards up the back.

    We've moved around a few bits to try out so will post an update once #2 is asleep.

  • low maintenance

    Any lawn is as low or high maintenance as you want it to be. Mow it, water it, and don't walk on it = perfection

    Keep the edges tidy and it'll look fine.

  • Suppose if you're going to deck it then it's a bit different - if not I'd paint the whole thing white and live that Cyclades life

  • That something:

    Gravel over geotextile fabric?

    I'd do that but have cut outs in the fabric and plant low growing hardy plants. Thyme, creeping(?) rosemary, etc.

  • I was on the fence about painting the gravel board.


  • Hopefully we'll do the decking later in the year once my OH is working. But for now this seemed like an achievable quick fix.

    My gut is we do still need decking there as the slab was designed for a small shed and sitting room is about 1' less than you'd ideally want.

    (the copper thing needs replanting)

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  • Hmmm.... Random tomato plant spoils the picture a bit

  • Huge thanks to @ColinTheBald for coming out to take a gander at my collapsing verge (fnar).

    On a related note, before I try some other avenues, does anyone know a tree surgeon who works, or is willing to work in Croydon?

  • Beningbrough pergola

    just had a look - excellent idea. I'm going to have a look at that possibility.

    @hugo7 - yes, gravel over membrane with plants in sounds like a good solution.

  • Looking for ways of getting some sound proofing into our garden (I can hear every word of neighbours conversations two doors down)

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  • I was thinking of maybe adding a bamboo fence over our side fences.

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  • looks pretty good like that tbf - less contrast than in other pic

  • The hardy kiwi looks like it's gearing up for a bumper year:

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  • Looking for ways of getting some sound proofing

    Obvious solution is to put in a border and grow some plants.

  • Have a border at the back. The garden is on a 1m slope so borders on the side would be problematic. Will eventually be doing a split level but that's a bit down the line

  • Slightly better pic from the other side. Passionflower climber looking very sad this year!

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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