Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Is it even possible to grow cucumber in pots?
    Last year I had zucchini with medium success; huge plant and very small zucchini. I was happy tho.

  • Hmm. The other half has a trade account with Coolings and they are absolutely fucking useless generally, so much so that she's stopped using them.

    We've had at least three instances of them trying to deliver plants to us, the address of the account holder, rather than the delivery address, the address of her client. They've made errors in every single order she's had delivered too and she's spent hours on the phone to them trying to rectify things.

    I think they are fine if they have what you want in stock, otherwise useless.

  • I'd separate as soon as you can, once they get going they grow very quickly. I think you'll struggle to get anything off them in a pot too, unless it's a big one.

  • Interesting.

    I'll steer clear from having deliveries.

    I'm more of the drive there, have a cup of tea and a cake then drive home again kind of customer anyway.

    #middleaged #nationaltrust4lyf

  • Butternut squashes ready to go. Time for some soup. Although the cat decided she needed to piss on one of them, so might give that one away...

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  • Uh, no dibs

  • Yes, grew one in a biggish but not huge pot last year, happy with it. Smaller pot than I'd put a courgette in.

  • I'm more of the drive there, have a cup of tea and some meatballs, then drive home again kind of customer anyway.


  • I put some cucumbers in the ground 2 or 3 weeks ago, under a mini poly tunnel to see if they'd survive. Jury's still out, but they're not quite dead yet. Got some more on the go indoors in case they don't make it.

    French beans are just pushing up and runner beans are germinating too. Broad beans have plenty of flowers. Finally things are on the move.

  • Thanks everybody for your feedback!

  • Round here we have wall to wall photonia "red robin" in front gardens. Almost every other house.

    Same here. I'm displaying my rebellious side by having mine in the back garden.

  • Solid plan.

    I think they look nicer when grown into a bush and flower, rather than a hedge.

  • Just a few I came across today within a half mile. There are many many many more.

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  • Ours are the happiest I've ever seen them. They're loving all this rain!

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  • Just a few I came across today! People seem to really like them.

    Nice houses as well, where is that if I may ask?

  • Looks like where I used to stay in North Carolina :)

  • OMG, those are epic!

  • First pic is amazing. Other than the barrels of geraniums which look totally half arsed next to those giant hostas.

  • I live in Iowa City. Agree about the geraniums.

  • Beautiful street... 🙃

  • Veggie patch is looking good. New this year. The pots are cherries that will live on the patio soon.

    The front flower bed is coming along also. It was was empty two months ago. Still need something down at the end.

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  • And I discovered our new house has a cherry tree! I thought it was a crab. Interested in how this goes. Have to find a use for all the cherries now. Hahahaha

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  • What's this and should I be worried that it seems to be spreading? Going to dig up this area eventually but wondering if I should take drastic action now?

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  • I think it is sycamore. Weed killer or dig the root out or it will keep coming back.

  • Thanks. Cat is often around this area so I might wait to get it out mechanically rather than use weed killer.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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